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Interview with KevinYu

Day 1,875, 05:48 Published in North Korea North Korea by Kim Young
Hello citizens of North Korea,
My campaign for the interviews is going pretty well and my guest today is our current President KevinYu of North Korea. He will gladly answer my questions.

1. Who are you in RL ?

A common employer in a HK-based group in Shenzhen, P.R.China.

2.And who are you in the game? Tell us about your eLife.

I have been playing this game for almost three years, first as a farmer, then a merchandiser,an entrepreneur,a politician, a fighter, a BH-Hunter, and now, I finally realize my dream : I am the top leader of eNK.

3. Why KevinYu ? Where does it come from?

I forgot the password of my first account, then I registered this one with my colleague’s. Yu is my family name.

4. What did attract you and what keeps you in the game?

It’s just not easy to say goodbye to my friends.

5.Do you have a favorite module in the game? Which and why is it better than the others?

The one I love most is the MPP rule of V1 and the battlefield of V2, the former turns the war more like a strategic game; the other makes me feel like I am a real soldier in the game rather than fighting against shadows.

6. Do you have a favorite moment in the eHistory of China or North Korea?

Every elderly eChina citizen would say “It’s my pleasure to take part in the battle against eSerbia and eHungary in Liaoking and Hellokitty”, so would I. Even I was enjoying my National holiday with my family. That’s all.

7. Do you see any mistakes or failures you have done and do you regret for doing something?

eRepublik is just a game and I believe almost every failure can be fixed in some way. Don’t quarrel with your girls because of this sucky game, or you would definitely regret for this.

8.What are we missing in order to be better?

This game, in the final analysis, is a game with wars. Although it’s not so funny as it was, I still hope all players in the game would act as a gentleman.

Yours sincerely,
Kim Young


Kriny Day 1,875, 05:54


KevinYu Day 1,875, 05:54

I am KevinYu and I confirm this article.

kthniatros Day 1,875, 05:55


Congmingkeaiyoujiecao Day 1,875, 05:57

V4 小伙真俊呐

smartedboy Day 1,875, 05:58

KevinYu is a handsome man

rommelTaiwan Day 1,875, 06:26



Jin Yang
Jin Yang Day 1,875, 08:20


dawenxi Day 1,875, 10:28

good answers

Jet Li Zhang
Jet Li Zhang Day 1,875, 14:54


lovecatlove Day 1,875, 16:07


Miriya Day 1,875, 18:25


xpxp182 Day 1,875, 21:43

o7, 以金大将之名

Strength and Honour

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