Interview with a strong lady of a strong country!

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I got some interesting offer to make an interview with a player from eIreland her name - ReMiiX. She decide to allow me to interview her and she have alot to say to all of us and even for those who say that "eRep isn't a place for girls".
I hope you will enjoy! 😃

1. Hello to the Party President of Irish Republican Party at eIreland - ReMiiX, thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me, but before we start would you agree to introduce yourself first?

Hello and thanks to you for the interview. My first account was created in 2009, but it was deleted because of the trolls from eSpain. Later, I created this new account. I have served in many eCountries, alliances, MUs, etc.

In RL I am living in Spain, but I wasn't born here. I'm between 22 and 26 years old (never nice to ask this to a girl) and I'm more motivated now in game thanks to an active community in eIreland.

Many people know me for beautiful things, and many others for not that good things, but I explained this many times in the past, and this won't be a new one I guess 😛

2. What you love the most about eRep?

The society. Due to my low strenght, I don't participate too much in wars (sometimes in air battles), and economy was interesting, but I am waiting to Black Friday for starting hard in this area. I am very active in politics, but every day is more and more dead. However, everyday I know new players who surprise me greatly and with some of them I talk daily. For example, a couple days ago Verzus ( wrote me, I had no idea who he was... but he was one player I met long long ago and who sent me coins from his RL country, because I am collections coins from all around the world.

Also Mahsa.S ( wrote me a couple days ago, and we made really good friendship 🙂 Everyday you can meet great people here.

However, in any basket there are rotten apples.

3. Can u tell us about your unit - Eire Aontaithe? you are the commander but your unit have only 4 members

Yes, I bought it not long ago, for changing DO when I need it. I was serving in many MUs in my eLife, from all around the eWorld, but now I'm more relaxed because I can fight where I want, when I want, and I can help to my members with donations and stuff. In eIreland I served in ICA and Irish Army, and there are great people there, but I feel better and more comfortable if it's me who helps to my fighters, and it's not me the one being helped.

4. How it's feels like to be a "girl" at this game? I said that because there is no much girls here and i was wonder

I think there are plenty of us playing nowadays, not only to eR, but to many other games. I think there is nothing special on this. Long time ago, around 2012 I thought about creating a MU only for girls, with MaCeDoNa ( and Yetlanesi (, but we never did it.

Maybe the worst of being a girl is that there are some players who think with something that is not the brain, and they are a bit toxic. For example, I got messages about sending nudes via Discord, or calling me hundred of times for I accept the videocall with players I don't know.

5. Many people said more than once(so i have heard) that eRep isn't a place for a women i hate to hear that because we need alive the community but what do you think about that saying?

I heard that sometimes too, mostly from trolls who say: "Or you send Nude, or we don't trust you are a girl". I receive a lot of hate from eSpain, but that eCountry is dominated by trolls, so I don't take it too close. Wherever I went in this eWorld, I saw people very receptive, and always treated me very well, normally the same way as a men.

6. Why did you got the Erepublik Elite Citizen medal?

I got level 100 recently, and Plato gave me this after finishing the mission. I never thought I would get it, but it seems I got it. Now the question is: "For what?"

7. What is the hardest war you remember you had?

I never was in war module, and I never believed in alliances and that stuff, but I would say that this new period of CODE vs Asteria & Hydra is being quite funny and many players who never fought are doing it hardly. Asteria has been dominating the eWorld for the past 5-6 years... so now the situation seems to be changing a bit. I would say that this weeks has been exciting and probably the most important wars I remember.

8. You are here since Oct 2011(with this account), how do you sum up your experience so far?

"Roller coaster". There were periods when I felt important, useful and very motivated in game. And in the other hand, I had periods (motivated mostly by my RL) when I wanted to leave everything. Now I am in a good situation, where I can help to other players and motivate them with knowledge in politics and in economics.

9. Why did you decide to go to eIreland? If we look at your countries you have been you left eSerbia and then eUkraine it was so bad to be at those successful countries?

I was in eSerbia very long time ago (probably in 2012), and in eUkraine a couple times. I like eTravelling in game because I can't afford it in RL.

Why eIreland? Well, I heard they were quite strong in Air Battles and also a very active community, I wanted to try to experience. As soon as I came, I fall in love with this. You can't imagine how cool and motivating is this eCountry. I strongly recommend eIreland to everybody who searches for activity, cool people and Irish Beer! 🙂

10. You were a CP, MoFA at so many ecountries, eCP, vCP and the list of the things you were is very long, can you see yourself as a CP of eIreland?

That is a complex question. Right now, I'm quite happy with my work in eIreland. I just came at the very end of December and I am already Party President of the most important Party in eIreland, I'm Head of Congress for 4 months in a row, Minister of Immigration, and all this takes time. Some players adviced me about running for eCP, but I think it's not the time yet... maybe one day, but not this term, nor the next.

11. What do you think is the biggest problem of eWorld those days and if the community can fix it?

I think the game is Pay to Win, so the new players just try the game one day and leave, that is because we lose a lot of people (old ones get bored, and new ones don't try the game). Also the admin's work wasn't the best.

12. If you could change ANY THING in this game tell us 1 things you were pick to change and why?

I would do just one change, and it would be to create a new server, starting from zero. Everybody would start from zero strenght, zero companies, zero gold, zero currency... at the same level. Maybe people would motivate themselves for starting once again.

13. Do you have any message to our readers?

Just to tell you that life and eLife is like a roller coaster, but always, after the storm, the sun rises up again. I had eFriends who died IRL (ManuR for example), eFriends with who I talked hours via videocall, friends who sent me coins for my collection IRL... and also I met people who insulted me, who called me hundred of times, who lied... but just keep strong, and search the most comfortable environment for you.

Thank you so much for ur cooperation ReMiiX, thank you accept this interview, i wish u the best of luck wherever you will go my friend.
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😛eace: And always remember this: "War is done in a game, peace is made in reality" 😛eace: