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Interview: CP of Australia

Day 1,823, 10:44 Published in Ireland Australia by Elite C

Hello eIreland, Heres another installment of my CP interviews, today from Australia - Ranger Bob


1. What do you love about your job?
2. What are the strengths you bring to the job?
3. If you were to describe your country in three words, what would they be?
4. Why were you elected?
5. What difficulties does your country face?
6. Why should citizens immigrate to your country? What have you to offer?


1. What I like about the job is the chance to help get eAus back on track. This is actually my second stint as CP here - last time was in 2009 under eIndo occupation, and boy that was a tough time for us. Most of all I like talking to people and stepping up to help commit to our future.

2. High dedication and activity. We have had time and time again CPs that come in and get bored after a few weeks then nothing. I'm seeing this through to the end, have done it before and this will help refocus and engage our community.

3. Small, but dedicated.

4. People have known me in this game for over three years. I think folk trust my judgement and know my only focus is helping build our community and country.

5. Occupation. Being surrounded by traditional non allies. And being shoved from pillar to post depending on how the wind blows. The only way we will overcome this is to move beyond any infighting and refocus on our love of the game and why we are here, being for eAustralia.

6. If you didn't get a sense from all the previous answers, because we are a tight knit community. We have fun, lots of good people willing to help each other.

Many thanks to Ranger Bob
All the Best,
Elite C



Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,823, 11:46

If people think CoT is the answer, then consider that they did to Australia what Poland do to other countries. Wiped them out, and then 'allowed' them one region for congress. When Australia quite correctly rejected this, Chile wiped them while complaining about it.

A very good cause to fight for, with nice genuine people.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,823, 15:33

Thanks, was a pleasure to be interviewed.

Hail eIreland friends \o/

Irasian Day 1,823, 15:51

\o/ Ranger : D

Klynn Day 1,824, 03:41

Nice work, Elite C.

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