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Inspired by previous article written by TheCall few days ago about improving Erepublik I decided to publish some of mine ideas as well.

1) Medals
1) Media mogul medal is very hard to achieve lately due to small number of active players. Other than Serbia, Poland and 3-4 other country's it's practically impossible to find 1000 subscribers. Many players starting to publish jokes, funny pictures or just organizing weapon and food donations so they can earn more subscribers. With war and economic analyzes you can't really earn your MM medal now. So idea is to decrease number of necessary subscribers to 500. Many country's doesn't even have 1000 active players so I think that is reasonable. That could be a goal witch majority of players could reach if they work hard enough.

2) New medals

I have idea for two new medals Alliance President and Nation Hero or True Patriot medal.

2a) Alliance President. Country Presidents or Congres members who are members of certain Alliance could vote for their Alliance President. (It would require introducing alliances in game). I think it would be great to reward players who spent more time and energy for their countrys. Also it would be that prestige medal whitch cant be bought or who cant belong to anybody... you must truly deserved it.

2 National Hero or True Patriot Hero. This medal would be for those players who are loyal to their contry's. It would require to kill 30 enemyes every day for 30 days for same country. So it would need consistancy from players and 2 clickers probably cound't earn them. So it would be harder medal to achieve than HW or SS but very possible if you put ur mind to it and if your country is constantly in war for longer period. For players who would rather have Nationl Hero than True Mercenary.

3) Allow EXCHANGE Bazooka parts

Thing is simple some parts are just accumulating and people don't know what to do with them, and for other parts you need to wait for a week or even more. Easiest thing to do is to allow players to exchange bazooka parts through donation, or to put them on the market. Bazooka idea is great because it allow players with less strength and rant to win BH medal if they accumulate enough bazooka's.

4) Missions

Also great idea but it would be great to improve it little more. For example instead of just three make room for six if not more mission. This missions is crucial for younger players and some missions is very hard to achieve for them like SB medal, BH medal etc... and they can't solve some easer missions that are available.

5) Helth packs

Everybody knows that big problem is guys who buy many health packs and practically defeat entire armies by themselves. So for than not to happen instead of limiting health pack to 30-50-100 a day... health packs could cost more... for example first 50 HP cost 0.5 G, next 50 1G next 50 1.5G and so on ... so big spenders still spend gold's as usual because they want to win more BH and CH medals and have more influence than the rest of the players but they don't have that many influence as before.

6) Total Country Damage in wars

It would be great to see how much damage countrys have in each battle and campaign

7) Solve bugs on world map

There are many bugs on world map and I think its about time for them to be solved.

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Flaming includes, but is not limited to, the following cases:
- proposing addition of new in game territories/countries;

Ill try not to write except when I have something interesting to share or say.