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Interesting strategy

Day 1,838, 05:37 Published in USA Serbia by Dio Hostilian

I admire the strategic move Cerb has made hours ago. Once this NE gets accepted (it is already accepted, it will just take another 7 hours to get it activated), eUSA will be left with a handful of true allies.

Hail eUSA!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eIran!
Hail eNetherlands!
Hail ePakistan!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eBrazil!
Hail eIsrael!
Hail eBelarus!
Hail eChina!
Hail eRussia!
Hail eGermany!
Hail eArgentina!
Hail eSweden!
Hail eFinland!
Hail eAustralia!
Hail eItaly!
Hail eAlbania!
Hail eIreland!
Hail eCroatia!
Hail eFrance!
Hail eTurkey!
Hail eGreece!

And together we will be strong almost as one of the remaining top5 countries in the eWorld.



naturaIMystic Day 1,838, 05:44

hail US!!

me too : D

DarekTheEmperor Day 1,838, 05:45


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,838, 06:00


Also interesting to see that AFA congressmen this time voted yes with the other congressmen. Maybe because this is great for Spoland/Hungary & Servia

mungos032 Day 1,838, 08:17


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,838, 08:20

Interesting isn't it?

LiLo1 Day 1,838, 13:45


Candor Day 1,838, 22:59

Hmm? We're dropping a few more friends? Color me confused I guess.

vladb Day 1,839, 01:56

Part of the great strategy eUS has been putting into place for the past months .

Lose your friends,lose your bonuses .Spend 2.5 millions cc a week in phantom wars in which regions are gained only to be returned for free .

End result ..spending 2.5 millions a week and have 2 "bros" ,no mpps ,no alliance ,no bonuses.

Norbengo Day 1,839, 07:52

Seems legit

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,839, 16:43

lol 😛

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