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Intention To Run

Day 1,616, 14:31 Published in Germany Germany by Skalg von Tuari

Well, beware, citizens of Germark, cause I am running for congress, and I'm running out of ideas for manifestos (true story). So I tried having a look at other articles and letting me inspire by them.

First of all, most of you seem to have sexy girls. Being a communist, I needed to muster the sexiest commie girl I could find.

well, isn't she just lovely?

Now, next point would be to tell you who I am. I am an oldfag, and no one actually cares about what I did, but rest assured - i did do stuff, and it was important. At least I thought so. Also, I am a commie.

Well, now I'd have to tell you what I want to achieve. I kinda want to fight...let's see...old structures, corruption, I want more information for the public, transparency etc pp.

I hope not!

Well, Since you now know how super awesome I am and how superawesome things I want to achieve, fell free to vote for me in Rhineland-Palatine. And since you are all a bunch of internet Nerds who just love their daily share of Manga/Anime, there you go.

Votes for Skalg in Rhineland-Palatine on the 25th.
Skalg von Tuari


Gregus Hedvik
Gregus Hedvik Day 1,616, 14:37


Feliks Edmundovic
Feliks Edmundovic Day 1,616, 14:58


Herbert Mustermann
Herbert Mustermann Day 1,616, 15:50


CyR3x Day 1,616, 17:07

die totale wählbarkeit

Franz von Hahn
Franz von Hahn Day 1,617, 03:18


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