Inauguration of Chickensguys

Day 4,369, 01:01 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
To the Supporters
The support I received over November 5th was remarkable. Remember Remember the 5th of November can finally be etched into the history books. Words cannot express my gratitude. So many efriends that I have made over the years came out and not only voted for me but got their friends to vote, wrote articles and shouted my name. It was a tremendous and a historic moment. We did what many said was impossible, and I thank you all so much for this opportunity.

Regarding TWs
The United States has been on auto-pilot for a while. I plan to continue all training wars allowing our brave American fighters to continue to farm gold and generate wealth. I have no intention to break what already works.

Outgoing President Derphoof published an article last night outlying an attempt by Dinnyin, one of our trusted CBO members to overthrow the results of the election and establish a shadow government on the SCI forum. Derphoof took swift action by removing Dinnyin, and reported this matter to Congress. Derphoof then appointed Wildowl to investigate, the results of which are still pending and recommended to Congress that Dinnyin be given the label Enemy of the State (EOTS). Historically, EOTS was reserved for only the most dastardly and diabolical of individuals. Dinnyin’s actions come from a place of passion, a place I know myself. Therefore I have decided to exercise my inherent executive authority as President of the United States and pardon Dinnyin. I hope we can move forward and learn to love one another and let bygones be bygones.