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Inaugural 2009 E-PUB Omegle TPOP Competition...

Day 512, 02:43 Published in Australia Australia by Ranger Bob

Greetings eAustralia

I would like to welcome you to the first inaugural Omegle TPOP (Take the Piss Out of People) Competition.

To enter, all you need to do is PM me by 04:00 on April 18 (E-Rep time) with a conversation you have struck up on with a complete stranger! There will be four prizes, judged by BenP, Preditorian and myself as E-Pub Managers/Bouncers (with grateful thanks to BenP and Preditorian for their participation) on the following criteria:

1> Originality and Funniness!
2> Relevance to eRepublik.
3> Length (ie. enough to draw the unsuspecting Stranger into the conversation, but no so long it becomes boring)

Remember. The funniest, most original entrants will be finalists and announced in E-Pub and on this News on 19 April 2009!

see : for how to strike up a random conversation.

Prizes Include:

1st - 5 Gold,
*** PRIZE INCREASED TO 5 GOLD - THANKS TO Nina Ayu for a generous donation

2nd - 20 AUD

3rd - 10 AUD

There will be a consolation Prize of 5AUD for the most unoriginal, boring response. So, If you are utter crap at live conversation, don't worry - you can win something TOO!

*Proudly brought to you be E-PUB - the ONLY pub on eRepublik*

--- The fine print:

* E-PUB does

NOT endorse the notion of funny as racial or gender villification, over excessive personal attack or anything which may be considered illegal in your state, territory or country.. Entrants must ensure that they maintain a minimum standard that respects the fact that although the individual cannot be identified personally, no one would appreciate being made a fool of in front of national television!!!

EDIT!! : Send us your best people!! Only one entry per individual e-person! Send us what you think is your BEST!!!



MachineMadness Day 512, 02:54

I cant wait to read some peoples chats!

scotywest Day 512, 03:25

Mine are too dirty to show 🙁
but i'll find some good ones.

Br0adside Day 512, 03:32

Me: Hi my name is scotywest
Stranger: and?
Me: Im Minister of Industry for eAustralia 😃
You Conversational Partner has disconnected..

scotywest Day 512, 08:03

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hi
You: My names Scott
Stranger: Does that mean you are a girl?
You have Disconnected.

Saturo Day 512, 18:44

Stranger: hi
You: hey i am here to win the TPOP Competition of eRepublik
You: so
Stranger: yeah!!! i have no idea what is it!!
You: ah ok well we have to talk about some funny things
Stranger: perfect
You: 😃 so do u know a funny thing?
Stranger: well
Your Conversational Partner has disconnected.

SyrkiusAFK Day 512, 19:06

lol this should be fun^^

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 512, 19:23

Remember to PM your official entries guys! ...But, feel free to post funny one's you have here anyway!!! 😉

Br0adside Day 512, 19:56

lol @ Saturo

Timothy Rogers
Timothy Rogers Day 512, 20:27

I was trying to make conversation but I got into recruiting an american irl into eAustralia

Kharos Day 513, 19:46

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi 🙂
You: Hi, random stranger.
Stranger: haha
Stranger: wats up?
You: The ceiling...oooo no! a spider is landing on me!
You: it has embedded eggs into my scalp!
Stranger: hahaha no way?
Stranger: for real? lol
You: I can feel its brood invading my brain....
You: na;fna'sf
Stranger: well thats not good huh 😉
You: na;fknafa
You: sfasfa fasfgae
You: afawggggggggft
You: fawaagawtgaawf
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 513, 21:48

LOL @ Kharos!

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