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In the unlikely event

Day 1,902, 03:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Alphabethis

In the unlikely event

As you may know, I've just threatened the entire eUK with stablishing my
rule over all of you, your goats (specially if you are ESOers), your
doves ( or crows, that point hasn't been clarified yet, if you are
and TUPer ( not tupperware)) and other animalia ( gozillas included).

If I got elected, I promise more chaos and even more wars than BigAnt
era, I know it's a high bet, but I can do it.

If I got elected, I promise down to earth, simple articles, so soft
and humble that even jamesw would consider them puny: No more
sofisticated and mighty rethorics out of the reach even of myself.

I promise a supply program like you didn't ever imagined and free of
charge, WITH HUNDREDS OF Q7 FOR EVERYONE. The concept will be simple:

In the treasury, MoF, I'll search for Carlini, not because he's the
massa in da house, but only to replenish our reseves and income till
we reach a hundredth of the total daily income of Talon.

In the Ministry of Home Affairs, the revolution will be
overwhelming. I'll just take betafoxtrot to do Guides about
spanish-franco-german-italian series of the 80's: Orzowei,
Sandokan,... As we know since all the modules are broken, let's learn
how to cross rivers ( Orzowei) or how to kill tigers with a simple
knife ( Sandokan).

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I'll let Skiers reign with his
accostumed clout. Yeah, that sounds pretty sadomasochist, but I
promise to buy some black leather mask to enjoy THE EXPERIENCE.

For all purpose doubts and guidance, I'll seek advice and support of
the most logical and sensible guys around: Spamicans. They're the
heirs of the good ol' british common sense: Monty Python, Benny
Hill ( good values here),...

As you may have noticed, such government may be ... weak. But I have a
secret weapon, a bunch of everchanging, secret and twisted plans
orchestrated by the very same Sir Nick Griffith and the best drunk
BigAnt ( I guess I'll have to send him some strong spanish wine (Don
Simon's 1L tetrabrick at 50 pences comes to mind )).

Of course, since impeachments will be so common, I plan to set a
record here, I'll seek the economical support of Goku, Alfagrem and
Skiers ( remember he will be getting a great time with me and my leather
mask) so we BRIBE enough PM and we start a full generation of
corrupted parliament members. I want that eUK is paramount and famous not
only by its poor and mentally weak leaders ( BigAnt, Skiers, jamesw,
Betafoxtrot ( I guess the profecy will come true one day)) but also
because of the highest standards of corruption, that would make shiver
to a mexico-argentinian-chinese energy corporation.

I don't know what else what to add. ( a goat or donkey image comes to
mind, but I'm lazy).

So even If I haven't convinced you for not voting me. Just some
images of that militaristic spirit and thorn moods that can become

That is imperial Spanish flags, a dog with pikemen and relentless
determination to victory or death.

Sr Winstons':



WayneKerr Day 1,902, 03:44


more chance of finding dog shit on the moon...

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 1,902, 03:49


BigAnt Day 1,902, 04:32


more chance of finding dog shit on the moon...


Carlini8 Day 1,902, 04:54

I am the massa in the house.

On Guard

jamesw Day 1,903, 02:01

Flattered I'm still considered a leader. But my mind is too weak to comprehend
this sort of
writing style.

new lines in the middle of a
sentence is so2011.

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