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In Silent Proposal (IP EXCLUSIVE)

Day 1,995, 14:22 Published in USA USA by Albert Kinchasse

It is upon nefarious conditions that many ill gotten positions within sectors of the current eUSA government assimilate and continue through in silent protest of the dictations of the people. The policies that are implemented are written publicly as well as some that are not. Parties are working in gradual coordination that is honorable and not nearly a problem. It is the currents of power that transpires to dictate above the flow of our lands the inevitable ending or beginning to our nation.

It is known well known that we once grasped the higher grounds of achievement within our great nation, sadly we watched it decline in areas as well as rank upon more time. But never more will we need to fight as much as the moment of now.
Our organization must be strengthened.
Our resolve must be fortified.
Our economic relations should be secure and effective.

This must begin to be implemented immediately to ensure our goal of centered power become a reality among superpowers. Loose factions and party MU's should all be somewhat connected more efficiently to increase communications but allowing military dictation during real war.

Transparency should be praised within the chambers of our offices and a strong noted chord to positive change to the common persons monetary and educational rights.

All legislative interactions between officials that transpire both in public and behind the doors should be publicly submitted for review and classified information omitted from the reports with noticeable blank sections proscribed if necessary for national security.

Military and country recruiting is a large, complex and vital tool to muster master strengths as well as power for our coming positions.

More is due to the nation than a few.



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