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In search of Allies and the moment indicated to attack

Day 1,902, 23:55 Published in Ireland Ireland by MiguelAligon

First I want to be grateful for all children of the brave Celts who me have rested on this great free dream to be Also I they would like to send a message to the cowards who alone have criticized and devalued his own country and race, we do not need his help we will fight and win let's be all those let's be, we do not need them In the today article I want to realize that to conquer United Kingdom we will need from all you brave and Heroic brothers, you are the base of this dream and are the weapon mas powerful of the world.
But possibly we will need some kind of mas, maybe a help extra, it is for it that looking at the map I have realized that United Kingdom has colonies in Vestlandet and sorlandet, that border on Ostlandet Russian city, If we can convince to the Russians that the english men are a threat for his interests and that his colonial hunger threatens his Empire of insurance we will have a great ally, The following thing is when this United Kingdom fighting in Norway for his colonies, TO ATTACK Northern Ireland, Wales and the Southwest of England. This way we will be protected from futures assaults of United Kingdom and strongly for the great war in which we will recover Scotland, London and all our British islands Viva Ireland!, Scotland Lives!, the Celtic people Lives!!!



Jol nezunk Miki
Jol nezunk Miki Day 1,902, 00:28

TWO won't let this.

Bhane Day 1,902, 01:26

You are just adding to the pile evidence indicating you are a multi here to incite eIreland against the eUK as part of some bizarre scheme for whatever spanish speaking nation sent you.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,902, 03:59

Here we go again....
Miguel you are really out of touch with time and space are you?

And considering your text not very smart....this is ireland...your words will only make us do the opposite then you wish.

Your article comes under entertainment section......

MiguelAligon Day 1,902, 04:41

Viktor if it looks like to you an entertainment do not read it, total I do not need you for anything, maybe do not be clear for that I have to translate my articles since not Englishman and Bane alone I fight for Ireland and futuramente the Celtic people not perderia time if it was not the case

Bhane Day 1,902, 06:08

If you don't want to be mistaken as some sort of foreign spy then learn about the current political situation before writing an article trying to rally the troops. we have causes we can rally the troops for that are actually pertinent, like liberating occupied Canadian regions for our friends.

You should also consider dropping the dual publishing of every article in a language that a miniscule percentage of the population can even read.

You may or may not be a stowaway multi trying to subvert the eUK by inciting eIreland... but you are certainly acting like one. If you don't want people to think that you are such a spy, then reconsider your approach to community participation.

Lord Scego
Lord Scego Day 1,902, 06:48



Learn the current political situation and stop writing articles 2 times

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 1,902, 12:15

humm well.. i am a new citizen ( hi all, i am proud to be an irish defender now!! ^^) but i know one thing : spain, united kindom's ally, is attacking canada (roughly), ally of ireland.

so the situation for our allies, and for us after, is not very confortable.

so your name, words and political ideas are not clever for instance in this eWorld..indeed.

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