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In Retrospect...

Day 1,142, 21:10 Published in Australia Australia by Tim_Holtz

Was it really worth it for Goose Step (Crowdedhouse) to buy so many votes for his articles in preperation for his run for Prime Minister?

as patti11 humourously pointed out, he is losing the election to Paul Hamon who is an inactive player.

so people please state what your oppinion is on if it was worth it or not




Ranger Bob
Ranger Bob Day 1,142, 21:16

My opinion is that it is over for now. Well done to SC failing a miracle for srg at this point.

There is no point kicking a dog when it is down (please note CH, I am using this as a colloquialism, not an offensive).

It just makes them more inclined to bite next time.

Let it go. He lost. Time to move forward.

infin Day 1,142, 21:26

I never considered it a real possibility.

Halfie Day 1,142, 22:04

Comment deleted

Imperator Major Domus
Imperator Major Domus Day 1,143, 23:49

i was always going to vote for srg91, but the fact that CH bought votes lead me to never want to vote for him. it just shows what lengths he will go to... and tbh, it's a bit too far

Tim_Holtz Day 1,143, 01:33

i meant buying votes for his articles not for the elections.

KOLLHTOS Day 1,143, 03:55

To GS's opinion it was justified. Was was done, was done. Lets all help the new CP and try to stand on our own feet, for Australias benefit.

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