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Imperial Sun Party

Day 1,787, 18:01 Published in Japan Japan by DankChronic

(Tanaka Fujimori, Original Creator of ISP Logo, anything similar is theft)

The Imperial Sun Party is returning after its take over and forced name change from party presidents that do what they want with little concern for their members. I am hoping to properly create a solid foundation for the ISP's return, so I'm hoping that some old ISP members out there in eJapan that would like to see the party return and hopefully new players could join us in constructing a foundation for the Imperial Sun Party.

The Imperial Sun Party is an old party that use to stand on top of eJapan's political stage. At one time being the lead producer in congress members, holding the majority for many consecutive terms, while having many successful Presidential campaigns. However, with the party's long take over, party's such as ULJ and DPJ have taken the title of oldest and possibly more. But there are still a few of us who have been around since the ISP's creation, and hope to bring it back.

I ask all old ISP members to come back to rebuild the party, and I especially hope that new members will join the ISP and help build this party back up to be one of the top parties in eJapan.



Oraizan Day 1,788, 00:53

Voted! I hope to see a ISP thriving like the old days, it was always a party to be proud of!

Madao Hasegawa
Madao Hasegawa Day 1,788, 00:58

This idea is good.

Squibeel Day 1,788, 01:29


KllausJohn fon Ainsbern
KllausJohn fon Ainsbern Day 1,788, 02:12


Koppanyi Ferenc
Koppanyi Ferenc Day 1,788, 02:22

I am a very old member of the original ISP. I'm not glad to see the new name, but it doesn't matter. The new ISP is just a fake, do not join it!

Geezus Day 1,788, 02:35

Everyone who wanted are already joined to your new party.

Komeiji Koishi
Komeiji Koishi Day 1,788, 03:20

Squibeel Day 1,788, 05:17

Thats not quite correct Koppanyi, its as "real" as the "real" ISP as long as its members stay true to the real values of ISP.

Squibeel Day 1,788, 05:20

And Geezus that might not be true. For example, I didnt even notice this party until yesterday.

Squibeel Day 1,788, 05:21

Stop being afraid of losing members, its exagerated and ridiculous.

Zodiarque Day 1,788, 06:00

I'm seriously thinking about it...

I hardly feel at home in Sakurakai anymore... Plus, Dankchronic is someone I feel I can rely on.

Abel Garcia III
Abel Garcia III Day 1,788, 09:08


Hakaisha Day 1,788, 09:36


Tohru Day 1,788, 10:12

For all those calling it a fake:

As creator of the original ISP, I support this refounding.

Oraizan Day 1,788, 10:39

^ waifu~

Tohru Day 1,788, 10:43

waifu~ ♥

Hakaisha Day 1,788, 12:40

Just because a party changed its name to a horrible one it doesn't mean that it's a different party. So in my eyes there is two ISP.. A lot better to fix things internally but oh well..

Tohru Day 1,788, 12:52

Actually it kind of does mean it's a different party. Being the ISP didn't simply change it's name, and instead was used to make a different party altogether, it ceased to exist.

Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,788, 17:30

Akira Kaburagi
Akira Kaburagi Day 1,789, 11:47

gl darkchronic and ISP

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