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Editor's Note: I was going to wait until I was "officially" recognized as the Imperial Sun Party President, but eRep might make me wait for a while, so here it is now....

Dear Readers of The New Society,

I have been elected to succeed Tohru as Party President of the Imperial Sun Party. I would like to thank all of the voters who supported me and encourage them to increased activity in Japan so that we may strengthen our party and our nation.! And I would also like to thank Tohru-sama for presiding over our party's unprecedented growth this last month.

Members of the Imperial Sun Party and readers interested in its affairs are strongly encouraged to subscribe to The New Society as it is now the official newsletter of the ISP.

The Situation

We are currently the second-largest Japanese political party in Japan with around 100 members. And we are still the largest party in our congress, the Japanese Diet, with 13 representatives in that legislative body. I hope to build on this number in the coming election! To do so, I encourage our candidates to campaign on our party's record of getting things done. In the last month, we have achieved the following:
-Creation of the Sempai-Kouhai Program. Created just in time to help with the "baby boom" in Japan and headed by ISP congressman Ryuu Toumori, it has already helped answer questions and hopefully helped keep interest in the game as well as in our country.
-Creation of the Japan Election Commission. Congress provided 110 JPY in funds to the organization so that it could stop rogue congressional candidates, or "gold-diggers" as they are called. It has successfully stopped five to date, or about 83%. As members of Congress can now approve immigrants, this organization's duty to keep bad candidates out is still relevant in post-citizenship eRepublik.
-Reorganization and funding of the Japanese Imperial Army. Previously underfunded and ill-equipped, the JIA now has the budget and under the capable new Minister of Defense (full disclosure: that's me!), the JIA is also developing the organizational structure to strengthen Japanese influence on the New World's battlefields, thanks to votes from ISP members of congress and their allies in the Diet.
-Opening of state-run companies. The recent "baby boom" in Japan has flooded the labor market with unskilled workers who need jobs. Private enterprise was not in a position to handle this, and the government stepped up to offer training programs.

Our Agenda

A Korean-language book promotes the virtues of KITA Ikki's "Independent Korea for All Koreans" program

We hope to achieve the following goals in the coming month:
-Support the creation of a free and independent Korea. Pursuant to this goal includes the creation of a strong military that can defend Korean sovereignty. Koreans, both North and South, are strongly encouraged to train and prepare for service in the Korean Guard.
-Encourage strong readership in the Japanese media. The media is the most important way to spread information in-game. Due to excellent organization and high activity levels, Korean articles regularly make the top five list in the Japanese media with high vote counts. There is no reason we cannot achieve the same now that our population is over 1500 citizens.
-Establish an official Japanese national "Information Officer" or team to keep information posted in places like eWiki and nipponblog up-to-date.
-Establish an official Japanese Office of Immigration. This will be a specific section in the nipponblog forums that will allow members of congress to discuss citizenship applications more efficiently.
-The creation of a constitution. Headed by congressman Reiji Mitsurugi, this has been the subject of much discussion. In addition to adding flavor to our nation, the document should establish real guidelines for congress and the President to create laws and operate the government.

If these look like positive achievements and goals to you, then you may wish to consider joining the Imperial Sun Party! We are an authoritarian party, which does not mean that we stifle debate, but rather that we encourage the generation of ideas and then move towards accomplishing them as a team. When we decide on a course of action, we work together! We are also a centrist party, meaning we favor market solutions where possible, and state solutions where it is not. Real life politics do not play a role in eRepublik! Our thinkers look at the game mechanics and do their best to create programs that maximize efficiency and strength. Please be part of a stronger Japan by joining the ISP and supporting our candidates for congress!

And lastly...

New ISP Candidate Spotlight: Dame Ningen

(Yes, I stole this "spotlight" idea from the Black Dragon Society's newspaper, but it works...)

With a name like "Dame Ningen" (pronuncation is Dah-MAY NIN-gen, meaning is... well, I can't think of a good English term, so I am looking forward to the comments on this one) and an avatar like the one above, you cannot go wrong. Vote for ISP congressional candidate Dame Ningen in a congressional election near you!