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Imperial Sun Party Platform

Day 1,818, 09:33 Published in Japan Japan by DankChronic

Today the revived Imperial Sun Party releases it newly founded Party Platform in hopes to find more people that share our ideals to join us in the ISP. We must work toward a better future, there is plenty that needs to be done, even during times of occupation.

eJapan needs a stronger foundation to prevent us from repeating mistakes, and time wasting arguments, but only the people working together can we hope for a better future for our nation. Activity and Unity is something eJapan really needs.

The Imperial Sun Party will not have a private MU so we welcome any eJapanese citizen that welcomes our party platform to join us no matter what MU you wish to be in. The ISP wishes to work with others and not deny them for ignorant reasons. Let us work toward a better future, and try to reclaim at least some of that golden era that so many of us seem to have left behind.

Imperial Sun Party Platform

We strive to be to be the forerunners of promoting the interests of eJapan; domestically and abroad. Through unity and stronger foreign relations we will expand eJapan's sphere of influence, and bring about eJapan's long overdue 2nd Golden Age.

Imperial Sun Party supports the government in having a solid foundation that defines the powers of the government. Establishing a constitution, charters, or a combination of both to help define the powers of each branch of the government, giving our citizens an idea on what their government can and cannot do.

We support this kind of foundation so our people can get more involved when they know more about those positions. Establishing checks and balances so one branch does not have too much power over the other. We must continue to learn, amend, and expand these documents to accommodate the changes of our nation and the eWorld.

The Imperial Sun Party (ISP) supports the unity of eJapan’s military through the military charter, supporting the national military units and the militia office. The ISP will not have a private military unit but instead support our members to join the national military.

We the ISP support military action when supporting our allies and defending our homeland, while respecting diplomatic possibilities. We recognize the value and dangers in both PTO and ATO forces, these types of forces are necessary in the eWorld in the defense of our allies and homeland.

We fight against aggressive wars for economic stimulation, resources, or reasonless hostility; we must defend our homeland and allies against such wars.

Foreign Affairs
We wish to see stronger relations with our neighbors and strengthen eAsia all together, a united region and not another eEurope. We support joining world alliances and to no longer stay neutral.

We support a purposive and fair economy to all citizens. We value the taxes aimed at financing plan to help the community or military support. The government should also always help to maintain a stable eJapanese market, and help give our citizens the best chance of success.

Culture & History
We support the preservation and expansion of eJapanese culture, hoping to exchange culture with our neighbors, and strengthen our friendships. We also support the documentation of as much history of eJapan as we can in as many aspects as possible. Expanding the Kyushu library and updating eRepublik wiki pages for eJapan is something the ISP hopes to see.

All of this cannot be done without you, this is truly a party for the people of eJapan. Don't wait to join, take this opportunity and become one of the first, of many to help build a stronger eJapan, starting with the Imperial Sun Party.

And Finally, here are some new ISP Graphics Zodiarque has made us. If you want your avatar frame updated, just message me or Zodiarque.



Oraizan Day 1,818, 10:02

Well done! o7

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,818, 10:38

Nice! Voted and subscribed! I am always happy to see anyone who supports activity and union! o7

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,818, 11:58

Really like the idea of unifying militaries into one national military!
Voted for that 😛

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,818, 13:09

Kinjiro, that will never happen~

Zodiarque Day 1,818, 13:48

Well Hizaya, keeping hope in the future does cost nothing.


Geezus Day 1,818, 13:56

Union means fighting together. For the same goals.
Centralization is not union. Variegation makes a nation always stronger!
That is why I think State MUs are wrong way.

Zodiarque Day 1,818, 14:44

"State MUs" seem not wrong... I think you confuse with the "State-MUs-Only" supply system.

As it seemed unfair, it's being discussed that the National Supply would go to "State MUs" who innately act as Gov' wants...

(addendum) ...and Militia (=Other MUs) who follow Gov' guidelines...

Zodiarque Day 1,818, 14:45

By the way, as Squibeel is MoD, and he is the one proposing the addendum,

As Interim Speaker of Congress, I hope for the subject to be brought to light again.

Geezus Day 1,818, 15:42

Deal with those things in which we agree!
First liberate Japan and get back our congress.

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,818, 16:40


Shirobu Day 1,818, 21:42

Nice article, I'm excited for future members of this party

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