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Impeach of cheater Greek CP

Day 2,471, 08:14 Published in Greece Greece by N4zGuL
Hi All,

This article although reflecting the greek e-political situation is written in english so that everybody can know some things.

GIP is the rulling party of eGreece for the past few months and here and then unoficially (despite some public quarels) they agree to work together with EM and Isopoliteia .

Their main goal was to isolate a group of mainly tankie players in eGreece that were for years leading the political scene.
They discovered conspiracies they invented politics because if you ask me there is no such thing as a political module in this game and piece by piece they formed some kind of anti elit agenda.

The bad proEden guys (the ones who actually were governing when greece left Eden and also when Greece entered TWO at that time) were standing in their ways so adding some spicy anti Turkish and Croatian propaganda they crawled behind some of the influential players in Serbia to form Asteria.

The bad thing is that Asteria countries accepted them in the alliance although they knew that they were not by any means representing the fighters who made Greece fearsome and dominated our allies battles nor they had the majority in the parliament to do so.

So we have been proving in the last few months that this ridiculous arrangement of alliances was in a big proportion the result of manipulation of the eGreek community focusing on constantly provoking attacks on people or friendships even with RL terms. We even had them claping in articles written by foreign players (Hristodoulos from Serbia) trolling the terrorist MU's and demoting them calling them Pro Turks or whatever (does not matter either way since our friends are our friends)

Even the name Terrorists was given to us by them officially with an article in order to turn focus on the bad Visa guys that looted the Gree politics according to them for years.

So we did what we thought best.
Stepped back from political arguments because politics is not our priority and decided to fight against anyone we thought caused this to our game play. Even the ones who kept their mouths closed accepting a country when they clearly knew that there was a big split among us and when they knew that most of the players that fought hard for them where against this ridicule.

They proved them selves as non capable of representing eGreece to any alliance.
We saw them stealing huge amounts of CC by planting artificial CO and cooking the books (inadequate in that as well)
They proved that they have not even got the slightest clue about strategy or running an alliance while they were holding positions in the HQ of Asteria.

See my article and check the Greek SG ektonosiakos fighting for a completely irrelevant battle while Slovenia was crying out for help and Asteria was advertising their priorities for them as well. He fought for CO.

So to keep the story a bit short and for those who will accuse me for trolling as soon as our part got first place in the last elections.
YES this action was based in yesterdays results.

GIP and their leaders the group that made all this mess by just being useless
is now clear how they did it.

Latest CP elections president elected member of GIP. Just a handfull of votes difference with second place.

Last congresss elections that admins decided to do their job or it was too hot for them to change IP's ..

GIP got 82 votes deleted.

For that i believe they should leave and regardless of the result i impeach.

For fellow greek readers see how they enjoyed their CP being elected on the very day change with few votes difference.

Here is your negotiating partners Asteria.
Here is your Gamer Politicians eGreece.

This article is not meant to explain what we believe or do.
I will write one as such at some point.



N4zGuL Day 2,471, 08:15

Who is the president Mastraki or Straki?

BaKaRaS Day 2,471, 15:41

Can you please tell me how many votes of your clean of multies party deleted?

N4zGuL Day 2,471, 20:57

20 if i am not mistaken...
Can you tell me whether that is the same or whether we elected a cp ?

BaKaRaS Day 2,472, 10:27

So, at your standards, above how many deleted votes we should call someone a cheater? Above 20, 30, 50?

BaKaRaS Day 2,472, 10:54

Btw admins has a quite different point of view

N4zGuL Day 2,472, 12:20

Laugh is on me still you are straki

AntrikosA Day 2,472, 17:32

sure bro, at least now everyone knows on who's favour admins worked!

V4LeRioN Day 2,471, 08:17


Gabriel R. Mandarino
Gabriel R. Mandarino Day 2,472, 20:53

"The Big`s nations NO Bounce" [ESP/ENG]

Chronicle of the Argentine AS to MKD-FYROM

Virotutis Day 2,471, 08:17


Vasilis888 Day 2,471, 08:18

v7 o7

Srnica Day 2,471, 08:19


Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Day 2,472, 00:02

Srnica Day 2,472, 00:18

SCH1983 Day 2,471, 08:21


VETERATOR Day 2,471, 08:24


vasspana Day 2,471, 08:28


gregory-ath Day 2,471, 08:29

GIP got 82 votes deleted !!

lol re seis

DimAth Day 2,471, 08:46

minus 86 at least (the article is incorrect in this point)

Va.da Day 2,471, 08:33


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 2,471, 08:36


N4zGuL Day 2,471, 08:41

Ok the straki replied where is the mastraki?

Orfeas Tsakalos
Orfeas Tsakalos Day 2,471, 23:49

You make me vote Antrikos. Only you could manage that.

N4zGuL Day 2,472, 12:21

Glad you admit it and now you are in the open

Thessaloz Day 2,471, 08:38

Well, there are 11238123 more reasons to impeach them, not because they lost a lot of votes again 😛

Atea Day 2,471, 08:39


Fessti Day 2,471, 08:40

I dont know too much about this, all i know is that Ekto and Antrikosa are cheaters and destroyed Greek foreign relationships.

Dodona Day 2,471, 09:17

said the TurkAlbanian

Fessti Day 2,471, 09:43

I see now why u have so many intern problems..

Dodona, look what i wrote,now who wrote, its not important here my nationality!

poletarec Day 2,472, 14:12

He is shiptar

vstel Day 2,471, 08:41


Myth0s Day 2,471, 08:45


...and yes ofc!!!

DimAth Day 2,471, 08:46

εντάξει το κατέουμε το εγγλέζικο αλλά και μία ελληνική έκδοση θα ήταν χρήσιμη

N4zGuL Day 2,471, 08:48

Gt ? Arketa kleismeni sto kabouki twn antixountikwn kleistikame. rompa international se ola ta epipeda

DimAth Day 2,471, 08:53

όπως έγραψα θα ήταν χρήσιμη ΚΑΙ μία ελληνική έκδοση, όχι μόνο ελληνική 🙂

γνωρίζεις και γνωρίζω και γνωρίζουμε ότι ιντερνάσιοναλ δεν χρειάζεται τέτοιου είδους άρθρα για να γίνει γνωστή η ιστορία της egreece, χρήσιμο το αγγλικό κείμενο καλό όμως και το ελληνικό

raoulito Day 2,471, 08:48

N4zGuL GIP is tryin to restore democracy and ethics in eGreece.
I believe that they would never done such things as your accusations are indicating.
82 votes deleted? Impossible. This pust be some kind of a plot by you the visa guys.
I hope you burn with those lies you wrote. Shame on you and your visa.
Waiting for AntrikosA and PERICLIS and HONORE to answer so that the truth will shine again.....

....on the other was abt time 😉

PERICLIS Day 2,472, 11:59

you have no hope to see the truth my dear boy ....

PERICLIS Day 2,472, 12:03

and please don't call my name without a very serious reason !!
Amen !!!

raoulito Day 2,472, 16:06

Άσε μας κουκλίτσα μου και τράβα για απόσυρση...σέρνεσαι 😉

PERICLIS Day 2,472, 21:40

eipe xaropo xaropo to ... pipini !!!!

Sleeping Beauty in the Woods
Sleeping Beauty in the Woods Day 2,471, 08:48

I hope some people will stop to be blind 🙂

Romy.TR Day 2,471, 08:57


mide13 Day 2,471, 08:58


ktmakias Day 2,471, 09:02


demetrios 3os
demetrios 3os Day 2,471, 09:05


J.Volandi Day 2,471, 09:11

In Georgia admins delete about 100 votes.. I think it is bug..

CRIS 99 Day 2,471, 10:04

...and here in eGreece,admins delete about 80 votes.Bug too? lol

J.Volandi Day 2,471, 11:24

It is not real -100 vote in Georgia. Something went wrong mate 🙂

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