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IMP : Recent War Analysis

Day 2,319, 21:51 Published in India India by Lucarioon


Real Steel 3
Real Steel 3 Day 2,319, 22:39

awesome work bro but for your information war with russia was started by Govt. 😛 😛 😛

Lucarioon Day 2,319, 22:51

🙂 Yeah But too many at the same time .. its like shit

Beneditsch Ardpresteir
Beneditsch Ardpresteir Day 2,319, 23:23

The war with Russia was started by the Government, and now Div 4 players are making the kill in UP (the present being 21-22).

So its foolhardy to blame the new comers. In fact the oldies are to blame for misdirection.

Lucarioon Day 2,319, 23:21

PLease see the post fully .. I not mentioned that newcomers are reason for all this ..

Hobblit Day 2,320, 00:39

The graphics and the contents.. Both are amazing !!!

Srijanak1 Day 2,320, 00:42

Yeah dude , I completely agree wid u bro .

wittyprakash Day 2,321, 15:30

doesn't matter. Still spelling mistakes #justsaying

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 2,320, 02:36


Lucarioon Day 2,320, 03:51

But I don't understand why

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 2,320, 04:22

We fight for the glory of India, not for its politicians 🙂

Lucarioon Day 2,320, 04:21

Yes but we should fight for India with a strategy simply fighting will be loss,. I had not told not to fight .. I told fight with some good strategy

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,320, 07:40

Ignore Hamturk, he is kidding 😃

Broken1 Day 2,320, 03:35

godd job voted

Anubis.3 Day 2,320, 04:01

nice job with the graphics 🙂 - but, really - saying the same thing "always listen to govt and IAF" over and over again can be counter productive. new players (most of the guys are just 14 or 18) are brash and confident. They want to leap straight into the action and do something, we just need to give them a little time 🙂

Srinjoy Sarkar
Srinjoy Sarkar Day 2,320, 05:13


Isengard13 Day 2,320, 06:19

gr8 article...i reallly like the graphics, and presentation

content: ur objective is right, but ur understanding is a little hazed.

J&K was started by the government, which was based upon the negotiations between russian and indian governments. as per the negotiations, the russians did not inflict much damage. but the barrier which made us fail was the russian it was war planned, but required much firepower from our side, which wasnt the fault for losing this battle goes to noone, and it cant be called a non-prior battle

Lucarioon Day 2,320, 10:06


Isengard13 Day 2,320, 06:23

about UP, it is a battle not backed by the government AT THIS is one of four of the regions planned to be liberated as per a deal with the croats. But the battle wasnt coordinated to be so preponed...the priority now, as you have said is to make friends and hit for allies, so this battle at the intial time was a battle not to be invested in..but seeing the chances india has of winning the battle at this time, i dont think it will not be beneficial if damage is invested in the campaign.....

about the aurora priority, i find no flaw

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,320, 07:39

Very nice article... many times RW is started by enemies who wish to drain away and distract damage from important battles. (RW can be started by anyone form any country)

Your presentation is brilliant and you would be a huge asset to India. I hope the gov involves you in the discussions that are ongoing and get your opinion 🙂

Chris1983 Day 2,320, 11:00

Also Croatians organize RW's in India regions. They do that for true partiot damage and FF medals.
And they do that too many times, most Croatians fight in their own organized RW"s and can't help allies than... UK is allied with Croatia but in fact it's just an NAP instead of a MDP

Martin Luther Gandhi
Martin Luther Gandhi Day 2,321, 01:38

Voted and subscribed, great layout well done you should get more involved in the Indian Gov for the future

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