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ILP – Proud to serve

Day 1,802, 07:52 Published in Ireland Ireland by Comrade Lovely

A short article to thank those of you who voted for myself and the ILP and to assure those who didn't that I will work hard in congress for the benefit of all eIrish citizens.

This was a great election for the ILP. Despite all the recent anti-ILP trolling and sniping comments, we emerged with the most seats in congress for the first time since September 2011!! And this on a high voter turnout.

People sometimes ask what it means to be a leftist in an online game. They accuse us of valuing idealism over pragmatism. This is a false binary. To be a leftist is to hold certain inviable principles, such as having solidarity with the least well off and a desire to combat structured inequalities. This doesn't mean we can't be realists. It is to say we have different priorities. As such, my first act as an ILP congressman is to donate to Boot Camp the 5 gold reward I received for being elected. Our youngest citizens are our future and they deserve our full support.

I promise to post weekly reports outlining my voting record and welcome any input from eIreland's citizens on how to move Ireland forward.

All good wishes,



Van Nelle
Van Nelle Day 1,802, 08:42


Stilpo Day 1,802, 09:13

Well said CL. At least you seem understand the ideology you spout and have critically reflected on how it can (and cannot) be applied to a game like this. That's a lot more than some people can say. Just don't become like some people and allow your concern with inequality become a single-minded obsession that distracts your focus from more important goals in a game like this.

Best of luck in congress.

Damhnaic Day 1,802, 10:07

My 5 gold is on the way to Rikian too

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,802, 10:38

Great points on eRep leftism. The way the game has gone, it basically just means a more tilted liberalism.
Good luck in congress this term.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,802, 18:54


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,803, 15:48

I don't see how it makes you eLeftist if you donate 5 golds to Bootcamp. If that's so then I'm ultra leftist. Any ePatriot donates money there, no matter which "side" are you.

RL ideologies have no place here.

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