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If I run for CP...

Day 2,171, 20:06 Published in Belgium Israel by Lorcema

If I run for CP , my proposals would be:

1) " We are CoT " plan : Help our alliance to find a path between TWO offensive and renew MPPs with CoT strongest countries, as well as some crossed MPPs.

2) " Homeland " plan : Start the recovery of eBelgian territory, at least until a few days before Congress elections. That will allow a few citizens have at least some bonus for production.

3) " A fresh start" plan : Identify people accused of PTO, that want a new opportunity and give them a decent work within the Belgian state. For example, dealing with new national census and or plan an organization for damage or divisions betwenn BNA soldiers. Also ask them to submit details of other possible PTOers. I have other things in mind, too.

4) "Good soldiers" plan: create a exclusive MU for all soldiers who want to receive a salary for fighting certain battles. These will receive money through COs , which will be informed in advance through the state newspapers and shouts in the feed of the MU.

5) " Media contest " plan: the best articles will be awarded weekly. The categories are " National or international Analysis " , " Humor " , " Creativity " and " Interviews "

6) " ATO " plan : a survey for eBelgian people about measures to combat an alleged attempt of PTO.

7) "The state buyer " plan : The state may buy weapons and food to eBelgian producers at an affordable price for both parties. These products will be used to complete the requirements of AS and to donate in the state MU.

8 ) " Teach English to the CP " plan : teach English to me and I will pay you with my own money 😉.

9) "Multi -ban " plan : to work on the ATO plan I will create a commission to receive complaints about new multies, and then they will trigger actions to ban them.

10) "Looking for a party " plan : I remembered that I need a political party to candidate for CP, so, recommend me one or I will keep entertaining you with these kind of articles!😃

11) "Send a PM to the CP " plan : the first PM of the day will receive a warm greeting from me.

12) " Dress the CP " plan : I will change my avatar every 72 hours using what you sent me.

13) " No 13 " plan : I have no plan n° 13 because it's bad luck.

14) " Marriages " plan : I will officiate marriages between eBelgians, and make them a gift. I declare that there will be at least 5 weddings per month, no matter if there are not enough girls!

15 ) "Baby Boom " plan : I will settle a baby boom commission to examine how we can carry out one that allow us to be a nation with a future.

16 ) "I'm tired " plan : done, finished . 😛

17) CSRF attack detected 😮

Well, I am not going to propose myself for CP, because I will win, for sure. 😃


Lorcema Day 2,171, 20:13

Leave you support here (or your money)

DnPijote Day 2,171, 21:29

Pole o/

8 ) " Teach English to the CP... lol xD you might learn some French, instead 😛

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:20

Yes, why not? Tnx for the support!

MaryamQ Day 2,171, 23:03

A very ambitious program! I think you would have to be CP for a long time to do all that! 🙂

MaryamQ Day 2,171, 23:05

😉 Oh, and I think most of our citizens who want to be are already eMarried. Five weddings a month would also require several divorces, and I know of none planned right now.

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:09

We will manage that. I have some ladies and boys that will provoke marital issues. 😉

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,172, 18:11

I wanna eMarry... xD

HK416 Day 2,173, 18:52


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,171, 23:13

Lorcema for CP!!!

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:10

Y ya lo ve... y ya lo ve... este es Lorcema, para CP!!

Hey Tony, congratz for the MMM 😃

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,172, 00:19

You know how to write a program !

... for a six months term 😛

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:11

Wrong, this is the program for the 1st week 😃

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,172, 07:20


BelgiumGeneral Day 2,172, 02:57

Good ideas, I can see you are motivated 🙂

Gyantse Day 2,172, 03:20

"Good soldiers" plan

There is already MUs supported by country. Like ABC newbies get weppons and food. And in BNA soldiers get free tanks daily, plus extra on strikes. + BNA soldiers (if they have q4 trainings) can ask for payment of training so called BYS+, so they dnt need to waste money o training + all belgian citizens has CO on BE battles. So i dont know why would you enter some extra thinks, if state already triing to lower the expensive of soldiers.

Gyantse Day 2,172, 03:21

+ there are lot stuffs in your article that has already done in many goverments 😉

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:18

Wowowow, you win.

Could I ask you for the Minister of Enlightenment? 😃

shadowukcs Day 2,172, 14:25

^winner of the best reply I've seen in weeks. He just won my vote

megacarnage Day 2,172, 03:54

good luck!!

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:20

Gracias mega, un gustazo!

Pargali Ibrahim Pasha
Pargali Ibrahim Pasha Day 2,172, 05:02

And this is not PTO.

Lorcema Day 2,172, 05:12

Yes, this a TO of the eBelgium lulz. I don't know who was in charge until now, but it really needs somebody to TO it

PRC PRC PRC Day 2,172, 05:25


nikol000 Day 2,172, 05:36

If you need any help with this plan , just PM

Stolch Day 2,172, 05:57

So from a wanna be trol, you're gonna try to become a wanna be PTOer....

Lorcema Day 2,172, 06:53

As you see, eBelgium community, here is Stolch, the head of my groopies.

Hey Stolch, I don't like PTOers, and I love you.

Gatodumas Day 2,172, 06:15

voted!!!! Lest kick ptoers ass..

morbis kohan
morbis kohan Day 2,172, 09:27

lorce como se te extrana! volve a casa y presentate con carlitos!

djole1122 Day 2,172, 17:35

voted and good luck o/

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,172, 18:12

Vote, nice article... only if you run for CP hehe, then you'll have my vote xD

ezteck Day 2,172, 18:17

Me parece a mí o estás revolucionando bélgica Lorce?

HK416 Day 2,173, 18:53

ahah Votado o/

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