If crying “Conspiracy!” is Treason, Call me a Traitor

Day 517, 17:32 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt

Conspiracies always seem to be comprised of something negative, something challenging the norm of thought. Nearly always a conspiracy would have a cult-like following of diehard supporters and advocates, but would be shunned by the massed media and because the media says that the conspiracy is wrong, the readers and viewers believe it.

I am here to call a conspiracy, one which I have seen growing among us for the past couple of months. It began subtly, little comments to my friends, “Hey, have you noticed that…,” and an occasional, “wait a minute…they’re both…”

Please note that I am not accusing. I am simply connecting various events and hope that I am just following a dead trail.

It began in December when William Shafer accused the United States Workers Party (USWP) to be “traitors.” I could not see his reasoning in selecting a whole party for the actions of a select few, a few rogue commanding officers telling their soldiers not to fight in a war that the USWP was, unlike most parties, uniformly against. Sure, the individuals should be sought after but not that party as a whole.

In January, I found it odd that our nation was uniting together for the first time in a very long time. After some bickering, we had found a common goal: Franco destroyed our treasury and left us broke in a time of need. We united as a Congress and people, and took the blow to recover the treasury and assure that the economy would not be majorly affected. I did notice that although different parties such as the United Independents, Federalists, America’s Advancement, and even Libertarians all had differing views depending on the individual, all USWP members tended to be united – oddly united.

Is this so wrong that a party finally is doing what it was intended to? Create a body of representatives which have similar views on topics and help to push their agendas? Absolutely not. Is it ironic that this happens to be the largest political party not only in the eUSA, but also in the eWorld? Some would say that this is grounds for conspiracy, but not for me.

Then February happened. ProggyPop, an outstanding USWP Congressman and Former Speaker of the House, decided not to become Speaker for another term and was replaced by Kyle321n of the Nationalist Party. A fairly good switch over, but a lot of USWP seemed disgruntled at their weak showing on Congressional Election Day. I could understand, since they lost a powerful position and the numbers in Congress. It seemed only logical…until Uncle Sam’s Presidential Administration.

From the start, many members of the USWP stood against Uncle Sam, an AAP (and thus, quite liberal) member and boasting platform candidate. Should the Worker’s Party, a supposedly left-winged party, be against a candidate from another left-winged party? A little suspicious, but I did not think on it. I have seen right-winged Federalists run under the USWP, die-hard socialists run under the Conservative Party; I have seen it all. Party lines mean nothing, right?

After the criticisms, the “I’ll be damned if he does this,” and hollowed threats, it died down. As the Presidency went into fully popular swing, the opposition from the USWP voices on the eUS Forums and eUSA Media seemed to be relatively tame, quiet – almost in agreement.

When March came, there was a “lulz” proposal to impeach Uncle Sam that ridiculously came close to passing. Many USWP seemed silent, on the basis of their “having something to gain.” Made sense, their candidate in the previous elections, our current President scrabman, would had gained the office. Also in March, came a strong showing against Uncle Sam from two or three politicians from various parties. Save for a few, all of the USWP was in full force.

I do not wish to name names, especially since a lot of it occurred in secure boards for national security purposes, but it seemed to me that many active USWP members were taking it as a Holy Crusade to challenge Uncle Sam and give him a hard time; even push for his impeachment.

I fought twice to avoid an Uncle Sam impeachment, mostly for the sake of stability and Sam’s seeing the peace negotiations come to a close, but the third impeachment did it: Scrabman became President. A Glorious day for USWP, a first since Petric’s abandonment of our e-nation, and a testament to their growing organization and leadership. I applauded Scrabman, and wished him well. I had high hopes.

He seemed to be delivering them. Aside from the fact that the military began butting heads, Scrabman was doing great and still is. He has brought us near-daily war, boosting our economic, civic, and social status. When he came in, he did reform the entire eUS Government to include very many more USWP members and replace many experienced position holders. I still had no problem: To the victor the spoils, am I right? Would one not keep those they trusted close instead of those he may not know?

I was approached by a few well known and trusted “behind the scenes” workers of the eUSA. These men and women work their tails off every day, as I used to before I frustratingly resigned from my posts a little over a week ago, to make the calculations, manage, and do the busy work that your state heads tend to get associated with. Apparently, the USWP is maneuvering to get as many people in Congress as possible. Seems good enough. Every party wants that and I can respect that decision from a close friend of mine, Party President Ananias.

The majority of active USWP members were against Presidential powers…never saying they disagreed with separation of powers, but never really left the window open for interpretation either. Now that Scrabman is President, he seems to be doing little to enforce a presence as a President. He is doing a good job, but not necessarily aggressively progressive either.

All the while a movement grows in Congress for a lesser Presidential power and a stronger Legislative one. The Constitutional Convention is beginning to outline the exact powers that we shall be entrusting our elected officials and their distributed powers. Oddly enough, six out of the twelve members are strongly for an omnipotent legislative body – three USWP members. Of the other six are moderates. Good balance, or prudent planning? Sure, four were elected by a popular vote of the people, but the voted in were all known moderates and “consensus builders.”

What am I getting at? Am I really hinting at a possibility of the USWP to take over Congress and reinforce it as the strongest body in the land? From where I am standing, it is hard to ignore it as a possibility. When I thought we were in an e-day and e-age of where poly-partisanship was something that we could boast, these things are happening in front of me. It pains me to come out and say this, as I respect many USWP members, but the active community just has so much going on now that I cannot help but make my thoughts on it public.

I cannot sit here and let it happen without something being said. Maybe I am just seeing occurrences which have no correlations, or I am just seeing little coincidences. Whatever it is, I will cry out “Conspiracy!” If I am wrong, then good.

If I am right…

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To Do List:

Congressional elections are coming up. Read those platforms, m’kay? An informed voter is a smart one.

An article focusing on a group and a single point of view is inappropriate without giving dues to the other side. See ProggyPop’s article on the topic.

I did not name names to protect the innocent…or if this is considered treason, the guilty. Expect a few articles to be released soon from others.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor