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Idea about our storages...

Day 1,408, 11:38 Published in Canada Chile by l GOSHETO l

Hello to everyone. 🙂

Today I have an idea for little changes in our lands...
I have a lot of storage buildings and I realized that the more you have, more time you need to load the land page.
What we know about the storage buildings:
- you need 1 land
- you can not dissolve them

I can't afford 35 gold for 1 big storage, so when I have money, I buy 1 land and 1 little storage (1000).
But with the time till now i have a lot of small storages and the page get a little bit laggy 🙁

The idea is simple:


When you have 13 lands and 13 buildings they can be visualized like on the picture.
Admins don't lose anything!
You will continue to buy land and buildings the same way as before, but the page will be less heavy. 🙂
I don't know about the servers, but for my computer it will be really blessing 😃

What do you think about this idea?

P.S. sorry for my english... 😛

P.S. Admins said that they will look how can they implement this 🙂
There is hope!

P.S. 2

Petz: "the option to upgrade a storage facility needs to happen soon "



Nosyt Day 1,408, 11:46


Mike Littoris
Mike Littoris Day 1,408, 12:31


dhruvs Day 1,408, 13:33

what a bummer

J.Canuck Day 1,408, 14:22


PRC PRC PRC Day 1,408, 14:38

Comment deleted

Kronos Q
Kronos Q Day 1,408, 15:35

It sure would be nice of the Land page loaded faster. This idea makes sense.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,408, 17:02


Donna Rush
Donna Rush Day 1,408, 17:50

Sounds good to me. Did you send admins a copy?

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,408, 17:51

It'd be nice to have less buildings and have it all consolidated. I agree I bought a bunch of the little ones.

MaxMaher Day 1,408, 20:39

Or the option to hide storage building, like we have on other building could be nice.

Wombatman25 Day 1,408, 20:39

That makes way too much sense for the admins to even consider it.

l GOSHETO l Day 1,408, 21:16

I've sent link to the article like ticket... we will see...

dmik Day 1,408, 22:19

very good idea!

Despot Tiranov
Despot Tiranov Day 1,408, 23:30

Good idea!

Bojerianov Day 1,409, 03:07

Very good!

Bojerianov Day 1,409, 03:11

Пиши една и за компаниите моля те! Аз се опитах да им го кажа, но ми овъртат.. Дано теб те чуят. Трябва да може да се бачка наведнъж с еднотипни компании или поне на порцийки по 4-5 наведнъж, че .. си е*а м*Й**Т* от лаг и спам!... : ))

Troqneca Day 1,409, 03:28


joy luck club
joy luck club Day 1,409, 04:15

Nice idea. but unprofitable for them. so, there is no need to implement it.

but i liked it too.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,409, 04:25

well it is profitable, it saves processingpower

iSlavik Day 1,409, 05:12


orerez Day 1,409, 05:19

nice and logical ! very good idea ... the problem is that the admins aren't nice or logical, so I doubt they will consider it at all...

The Libertine
The Libertine Day 1,409, 05:51

good idea

Ghostbiker Day 1,409, 06:06

very useful! 😃:) vote

A b a n
A b a n Day 1,409, 06:09

yeah that's a good idea

Kiarash . Razor
Kiarash . Razor Day 1,409, 06:13


Night Kitten
Night Kitten Day 1,409, 06:53

Good idea!
Even though i don't have many storage buildings, it's annoying the way they're scattered all over the place in between other buildings...

Jenn Linlin
Jenn Linlin Day 1,409, 06:54

Great idea, very useful, makes complete sense.

I wouldn't hold my breath for it.

mcgivey Day 1,409, 07:28

Simple and effective solutions are always the best! Great idea!

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,409, 07:35

There is hope!

code0011 Day 1,409, 09:13

Yay hope \o/

Petz Day 1,409, 10:17

the option to upgrade a storage facility needs to happen soon

l GOSHETO l Day 1,409, 11:06

Petz - that is the other thing!!!! It must be an option for upgrade...

Aleksandar Mitrovic7
Aleksandar Mitrovic7 Day 1,410, 02:45

Support for that

Marius22 Day 1,410, 05:58

Nerx Day 1,410, 06:33


crazy_dow Day 1,410, 09:23

voted and i support your idea dude

19DSKS89 Day 1,410, 09:25


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