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I support Wolf

Day 1,750, 12:34 Published in Sweden Sweden by Rahla

I'll be honest here. I had my doubts that he would do a good job. But Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf did not disappoint!

As I see it, activity is getting higher within our beloved nation. And we finally have a nordic alliance AND a war, the latter something I for one really wanted and looked forward to.

I hope you'll be elected for a second period so we can see how you will improve Sweden in the future.

Wolf for president! Pizza with extra cheese for Wolf!



Fabian Marveaux
Fabian Marveaux Day 1,750, 12:48

This have gone too far.

Sweden under the management of Wolf and Nationalgardet has turned eSweden into an Autocracy state, with militarism and populism is ideologies and strategies.

All the nationalists, imperialists and colonists from any other party than MSAP, can only think of one thing for the moment: WAR, DEFEAT ABC, SET THE BALTIC PEOPLE FREE. WE ARE VIKINGS.

I'm stunned, more stunned, that I have every been in my whole time as a citizen in eSweden.
This is overwhelming!!

Rahla Day 1,750, 13:16

What, are you stunned because the majority of eSweden do not agree with you at the moment? This is a game, not real life. War is the reason I still play, and many share this feeling with me.

I would also like to add, before you say anything further, that we are all entitled to our own opinions. But god damn it, stop throwing around words you do not understand the meaning of.

Fabian Marveaux
Fabian Marveaux Day 1,751, 11:53

I'm stunned because every swedish citizen (unless MSAP) is blowed out of their minds by the viking dream, and the dream to 'defend the Baltic people, from their leaders'.

Which word do I not know the meaning of?

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