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I’m Back in Canada, and this time, there’s going to be change to me

Day 819, 15:47 Published in Belgium USA by Hale Kane

Well people, I know everyone loved it when I was gone, but know I’m back, so In your face’s whoever laughed at me before. Because this time, I’m going to prove you people who disliked me that I’m not a quitter; I’m just that idiot who broke the toaster. Well people, surprised to see me back so early, I hope this surprise everyone because this is just the beginning.

People, I am now bringing it back to you as I said in the past (which I didn’t do before). I’m bringing back the money to Canada by creating companies and jobs for the people who need it for good prices. That’s right, I’m getting into the economic business, and while I’m up there, I might just give the money right back to either the military or government of Canada, which means I’m giving everything back to the people. No more lies, it must stop from now on. This government and the people need some help, so that’s why I’m doing this, for a better future for you, the people of Canada.

People think of me as an idiot, and an ignorant player throughout Canada in this game. I agree with them now as I have been an idiot since I opened my mouth. Also, they think a man like that can never change his stars, well I’ll prove you wrong. I say to you everyone; anyone can make a difference and no one can stop you in trying to reach either that goal or dream. Those people that say “oh, you’re such an idiot who doesn’t deserve a second chance” that you’re the idiots for not giving the player who was an idiot a second chance (not saying any names here).

Others that stuck beside me and said it was fun with me being what I was before; I applaud you, for it was those people that can help a person through the darkest events. Those people are the true hero’s that should be the leader in the government which I see now. Doing their best to make Canada better and getting involved just for you. So I am stepping up my level in the game, From now on, I will no longer spam anywhere, trying to respect other players instead of insulting them and giving the credit to myself.

I beg you as the people of Canada to try and see this change in me, and I ask for the forgiveness of the people for me to start all over again in this game, but using the same profile and everything. I’ll show you this time that I will help you in any way, giving back to the people which I should have done before. There was once a dream of Canada, you could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish into thin air. Now, I am going to make that dream become real, trying to have a better picture of what Canada should really look like in a good world.

Please for those people that I have hurt, respected, and still trust me, sign or comment this article so that I know that I still have you on my side and that we can still be alliances again. If any bad language is still said on here, you will get reported and may lead into a warning or suspension. Only good comments are allowed on this. Thank you.

P.S. There will be a soon a article published by myself which will allow question to be asked to me about what I have done in the future in this weeks news. Stayed tuned and subscribe to the newspaper for more news about myself.



Manong Rizal
Manong Rizal Day 819, 15:59

Power my friend should not be used to oppress others. It is disturbing to see many people lose their control over such thing as "power" and "influence". One should attain the attitude to work for others and not for oneself. Only then will you truly see the truth in your heart and the empathy of your soul.

Work not as a conqueror but as the peasant and servant of your people. Whatever you have done to or in eCanada, I do not know, but I bid thee farewell and I wish you the best of luck there.

blacksmith inc
blacksmith inc Day 819, 16:00

thank you Manong, I wish you my firend the best of luck in belgium

Gaius Julius Caesar00
Gaius Julius Caesar00 Day 819, 16:24

Good luck in your future endeavours. That's sincere by the way. I hope this change will help you.

MCA421 Day 819, 16:34


CG Holdings
CG Holdings Day 819, 16:35

Wow, you used a spell check.

Now to work on your grammar.

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 819, 16:38

and with MCA421, if your going to say something bad about it dont say anything at all.

Gofarman Day 819, 16:45

That was from Gof.

And as for insult, not really, just stating the truth.

Infinis Day 819, 18:08

Everybody can change, I hope you've learned of your mistakes and will use that learning to improve yourself.

only atoms
only atoms Day 819, 18:16

Hey Patar333, welcome back. Do you want to join the Canucks?

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 819, 18:20

i dont know if I can because Rylde is pretty upset at me and rainer as well from what I wrote last time.
Only he can ask me to come back. Tell him if he wants me to join, have him come talk to me personally, thats the only way.

Mighty Zontar
Mighty Zontar Day 819, 20:46

Does this mean tht 'll get back the gold piece I gave you a couple of months ago? Hahahaha ...


Mighty Zontar
Mighty Zontar Day 819, 20:48

Hey, if anyone wants to be my peasant, I'm hiring!

Hahahaha ...


Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 820, 12:19

Mighty, i gave you that gold back a long time ago

Kronos Q
Kronos Q Day 820, 12:31

eCanada is more entertaining when you're here 🙂

thebigguy Day 820, 12:33

are you retarded in real life?

TaiwanPanda Day 820, 13:21


lol dude thats mean to say

Spencer Magee
Spencer Magee Day 820, 13:24

Patar, if you leave the CPF one more time, you probably won't be given status inside it again.

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 820, 13:48

i know, im staying Spencer
and for thebigguy, i am not retarded in real life

Jacobo Gronaven
Jacobo Gronaven Day 820, 13:57

"and with MCA421, if your going to say something bad about it dont say anything at all."

This man will never be able to deal with politics with this attitude. Saying something bad about something and changing it is the very definiton of Politics.

Ely.nea Day 820, 14:10

good return.

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 820, 14:12

I agree with you, there will be bad things said and change, but that gives no one the right to stop you in saying what you believe.

Inspector Deck
Inspector Deck Day 820, 14:22

Lol Americas hat

thebigguy Day 820, 15:31

"i am not retarded in real life"

how do you know for sure?

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 821, 12:12

i know for sure
many people have called me a smart man in the desicions i make in real life.
As I see what you write throughtout the game, i think you should look in the miror thebigguy.

Marcus Patterson Day 821, 13:04

Comment deleted

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