I LOVED AN AVATAR [Valentine's Day]

Day 3,739, 01:05 Published in Greece Greece by Makrugiannis

Valentine's Day

Whenever I tried to imagine the person behind the avatar,i failed.
But I keep trying, even if I know in advance that I am in vain.
The avatar for the Erepublik is our appearance, our silhouette, and the person behind it,is his soul.
The soul of the avatar is the person behind the screen.

The paradox, however, is that this external appearance illuminates the dark soul of the person.
While in the real world it is impossible to penetrate into this dark abyss, here the soul is revealed to us,in its own way,by itself.

Because here, the only factor that composes and shapes our external appearance is the person behind the avatar, the soul.
We choose our avatar according to our mood.
In what way could the soul be depicted better?
In what way could "art" portray the real soul so realistically and redeem our innermost?
All our beliefs, all our desires, all our hidden desires, are revealed in one single image especially in its small details, like wrinkles in real faces.
Small details that reveal great truths!

An image that reveals all our passions as erotic confession!
To live passionately means to play with passion
I fight, I write, I work, I imagine everything passionately!

After these thoughts, I wonder why I'm still trying to imagine the person behind the avatar?
Would not it be enough to say(especially on this Valentine's Day)?
I loved an avatar