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I'm voted for ahava3233,you?

Day 2,116, 00:03 Published in Japan Japan by Shadowmaniac

/me first 🙂

ahava3233 = FREE eJapan ♥



ahava3233 Day 2,116, 00:17

lol I was second voter.
Going to bed now gn.

Aedolf Hitler
Aedolf Hitler Day 2,116, 00:55

Funny, now take a picture of the other 14 votes that belong to you.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,116, 14:42

Comment deleted

Shadowmaniac Day 2,116, 14:44

Fuuny guy 🙂

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 2,117, 04:41

So true 3:

synhro Day 2,116, 02:09

I voted for ahava3233, what about you? x2

Zodiarque Day 2,116, 06:30

It was a tough choice to make. Well I voted for...


( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ(_ー_)逆ニヤリ(   )クルッ!

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 2,116, 06:45

Reported for spam~

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 2,116, 11:43

Good choice, Shadow. 😃

Squibeel Day 2,116, 11:56

I've voted for no one as I'm avoiding looking at the results til I go to sleep.

ahava3233 Day 2,116, 12:13

I really should do the same and just look an hour before close...especially once I leave the house in a few min, blah.
fyi you're winning currently, but things may change.

MacBen Day 2,116, 15:42

Plato is in charge as the only poll worker ,so Akki's triumph is still within reach.

Shadowmaniac Day 2,117, 00:36

Congratz Squil,have a good mandate o7

ljubisavljev Day 2,116, 13:22

V ofc xD

arhangellord Day 2,116, 13:52

I voted for ahava3233, what about you? x3

Shirobu Day 2,116, 15:27

I respectfully remain neutral, I have vested interests in both of them 😉

Good luck.

Aryzn Day 2,116, 18:50

Cooperation with the CtG is unnecessary in modern eJapanese politics, sorry Ahava-senpai but Akki got my vote! ^.^

Joe Rooke
Joe Rooke Day 2,117, 04:42

Voted for no one because no one makes a difference.

MacBen Day 2,117, 05:49

wow, this noone sounds like very impressive. where can I subscripe to his/her fanclub?

Tomoyuki Yamashita
Tomoyuki Yamashita Day 2,117, 22:56

I abstained. how can you be happy when you realize the state of our nation. We all bring shame to eJapan.

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