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To begin this story I will show you what prompted it. Recently TBSP nominated Wild Owl for CP. He was the candidate that most supported our main goal right now. That being: Lowering the taxes. In the article, I got a rather rude comment.

Not only was it misinformation but it was insulting. So naturally I had to reply.

She replied...

So anyway. That is what sparked this article. This very rude treatment of me and my friends using misinformation by a person that a few weeks ago was acting friendly enough around me. Through pretending that her subjective truth overruled the objective truth and using that to call out my party on MY article, she accused us of hypocrisy and then deemed we were "untrustworthy", all based on subjectivity. Well eUSA, the facts clearly show we are not hypocritical. We voted for the candidate that would spend less as to fill the reserves faster to accomplish our goal of getting the tax lowered. BUT, her party cannot say the same. Two can play her game, except I can AND WILL use facts. I'm about to show you how HER party is in fact the hypocrisy, not ours.

SFP for many months has notoriously backed the "lower taxes" campaign along with TBSP. In fact, not too recently they had a huge recruitment drive and political push based off that very goal.

This was the most recent statement by SFP to push for lower taxes:

Above you can view as 4 of these SFPers voted NO, 3 voted ABSTAIN, and 3 voted YES. For a party that apparently is trustworthy compared to us, Artela- For a party that apparently does not show hypocrisry compared to us, Artela- 70% of your voting members voted in a way that did not further their goals, in fact the votes of your party benefited the OPPOSITE of the goals that they laid forth. This is something you accused us of with no proof, and something I now present to you that YOUR party did with very direct proof.

Maybe you think that Jude, the most active recurring Party President of your party posting one article does not prove anything. Well, if you refuse to believe the words of one article. Maybe you'll understand that TWO surely shows that he did not just happen to be drunk, but actually pushed the goal of lower taxes.

In this article, your Party President at the time not just SUPPORTED lowering taxes, but actively RECRUITED for your party (yet again) with the following statement.

Yet not only did 70% of your congress members contradict your party's long-running (even RECENT) slogan, but your party nominated one of the most Pro High Tax CPs I have ever seen.

I'd like to point out that your CURRENT Party President ALSO ran on the promise of staying true to SFP's ideals, which has long been for a lower tax. A vote in which she abstained.

She further mentions being open to compromise, and when the biggest compromise that has ever come out of the anti-tax crowd turned into a vote, she showed no support. No truth to SFP's ideals and no compromise.

So tell me, who are the real hypocrites? Those who can be proved hypocrites? Or those who are simply called so with no evidence? Just petty resentment over how a party did not vote for your CP candidate.

Who are the hypocrites, Artela? Who is the one not worthy of "trust"?

When eUSA's BIGGEST Anti-Tax party votes against a lowering to a slightly above moderate tax rate. When their ex-PP even proposes to RAISE TAXES!?

[Discussion] Increase Taxes

The Socialist Freedom Party everyone. Where accusations are flung filled with misinformation. Where one thing is said and another thing is done. Where the party ideals they recruit with are the exact opposite of the policies they follow.

I love almost every last one of their members. And I loved working with their party when I was Party President. They are my friends. I never thought I'd be the one to call this party out on their inconsistencies. But if well-known and highly-representative member of their party begins to attack me and my party with misinformation, when their own party is in fact the ones guilty of every accusation made, I plan on making a point.

Thanks for reading. I hope eUSA can start to make a lot more sense after today.


And don't let my response to the distasteful actions of ONE of their members turn you away.

Resoula, signing out. Down with hypocrisy.

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