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Hyena Black - New Belarusian Ninja

Day 1,897, 04:01 Published in Belarus USA by Blutmond

Many of you probably think that me and Hyena Black don't like each other very much. Well then, it may surprise you to hear that it's not true! In fact me and Hyena Black are friends.
Hyena Black is best friends with me since early childhood. We both grew up in the same neighborhood in Southeastern Nigeria. As kids we used to play in the same sandbox in the same playground. We used to share everything, our motto was "what's yours is mine, and what's mine is yours" (that's why I lost my virginity to his sister). Later we went to the same school but then...

In the late 90s the political situation in Southeastern Nigeria forced us to emigrate. Unfortunately we weren't able to move to the same country and we ended up separated by a long distance.
However we kept contact with each other. Everyday we used to send each other tons of letters (I still keep all of them in bags in my basement). We described every moment of our lives in still foreign for us countries. Sometimes when I feel melancholic I like to sit in my basement and read the letters aloud trying to imitate his hard guttural voice.
When internet became more popular, we both started using it to communicate with each other. Someday he referred me to Erepublik. He said "Yo homie, come play wif me. dis here game iz dope as fuk! you know das right!". That's how I started in Erepublik.

But enough about our personal relationship. Let's talk about our ongoing cooperation in Erepublik.
As most of you noticed Hyena Black became a Ninja. He also proudly holds the title of Secretary-General of Belarusian Ninjaz. I think he's the most experienced Ninja in Belarus currently. He was 2 times a country president of Belarus! Even today he's a proud dMoFA of Belarus! Full list of his accomplishments:
Former CP of Belarus x2
Former MoFA/dMoFA of Belarus several times
Former dMoFA of Slovakia
Former Congressman of Belarus x8
Former Congressman of Slovakia x3
No other party have such experienced members as we do! Join us and you can be just as Hyena Black!
Belarusan Ninjaz



Green4x Day 1,897, 04:05


iProphet Day 1,897, 04:07

Хе-хе, это так сенсационно, что народ отказался переводить на русский.

Crocodile Gena
Crocodile Gena Day 1,897, 04:09

Что к чему?

Gedzimin Day 1,897, 04:11

das ist fantastisch))

Elder jr
Elder jr Day 1,897, 04:26

Похоже акк Блутмонда продан или взломан.

sgt Joachim
sgt Joachim Day 1,897, 04:29

Someone's dropping eNigerian Letters in my box

Baba Jagodka
Baba Jagodka Day 1,897, 04:33

Трогательное фото тяжелого детства Блутика и Хуенчика так трогает. Я плякаль...

Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Day 1,897, 04:33

не может быть!

LS HQ Day 1,897, 04:49

I always thought that Hyena Black is black:)),but that blutmond is also black not chinese...well thats... confusing.

Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Day 1,897, 05:39

I will TO your party. Be ready.

Baba Jagodka
Baba Jagodka Day 1,897, 06:15

Хуенчик, это вот ты сейчас в сторону анархов пукнул? ))

Blutmond Day 1,897, 06:24

@Hyena Black
Haha good joke. But seriously we can stop pretending that we're enemies now 🙂 Everyone knows the truth 🙂

Anarkisto Day 1,897, 08:28

A Hyena аказваецца сапраўды black, а я-та лічыў гэта метафарай)

jddrrgg Day 1,897, 08:35


laserleo Day 1,897, 10:11

ЧОРНЫЙ пиар тоже пиар.

Anarkisto Day 1,897, 10:31

А мне тэкст спадабаўся. Асабліва пра "play in the same sandbox". Гледзячы па фота там паўсюль sandbox:)

iProphet Day 1,897, 11:36

Чорный пи*ар такой пи*ар...)

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