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Human is better than Deva or Asura ?

Day 2,320, 14:46 Published in India India by Patanjali
Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ

Something new ... I would say.
Sure, that for you need (is recommended) some French tongue, I mean ... speaking 😃.
First of all, we all must understand we are all :
‘Je ne suis qu’un etre sans importance’
Not quite without importance, but, could be important.
Some of us, if determined, could became even ... paratpar guru or moksha.

Is this too hard for you ?
Cool down, take a Coke and some noodles and came back (if you please). We could and want not to do any harm to your person, nor physical, nor mental.

‚Pour oublier ma pein immense
Je veux m’enfuir
Que tout recommence‘

Basically, we tend to forget and avoid pain. We all do that.
Have you ever imagined a life without pain ? Try to!

‘Oh ma douce souffrance’

And it is true, we love to suffer. We enjoy this is much that we completely forget we are free. Born so.
Lately, seems that this kind of melancholic suffering is even appreciated. But why ppl suffer for ? Could they avoid that ?

‘Je remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit
Je danse avec le vent, la pluie
Un peu d’amour, un brine de miele’

We all love to imagine ourselves in an island, far from civilization (we love and hate it) living a simple life, with the one we love.

Don’t cry, guys. It is not over yet.

‘Et dans le nuit, je cours et j’ai peur
Est ce mon tour ?
Vien la douleur ...‘

So the pain came. When it is your time.
Do you, anyone, recall the cry of Siddhartha ? The pain to came is to be avoided !
Have you understand it ? Do you live accordingly ?

‘Et je m’envole, vole, vole, vole, vole vole'
Hmans always dreamed to fly. I do, don’t you ?
Could be to coolest thing in your life. But, it is say’ed we could do that with our souls.
Have you ever tried ?

Let we dance. Would you be so nice (as I know you are) to join me in this dance ?
It would be the dance of life. Of our life’s.

Meri shubhkaamanaaye aapke saath hai !

You got here the real artist) HERE with the WALL


Ragnell Day 2,320, 15:09

Intriguing article.

Bentham once argued that the only purpose for human existence was to be utilitarian – basically, to maximise pleasure and minimise pain. The normal state of humanity is to suffer, and their objective, to be free of that suffering. Nothing else is important.

I wouldn’t say I’d agree with him, but his argument came to mind when reading this! xD It was a refreshing read, thank you.

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:26

Epicur or indian 'left handed' did it before 😃. Thanls for this perspective, added to the talk.

Alcide Day 2,320, 22:33

Nu stiu daca ne place sa suferim, dar stiu ca tare ne place sa dramatizam. Normal ca viata ne mai si pune chiedeci, ne mai pune-nainte obstacole, dar asta nu-nseamna ca tre' sa cadem de fiecare data, ca exista posibilitatea ca, la un moment dat, sa nu mai avem puterea de a ne ridica. Plus de asta, iti dai seama ce -ar insemna viata fara niste hopuri? Ar semana cu autostrazile alea de prin desert, lungi si plictisitoare, de pe care abia astepti sa iesi:)

PS: Tare-s bucuros sa te citesc din nou:)

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:28

Rezon ! Vorba aia, mai o trasura, mai o cucoana ... E mai bine la balcon 😃

Asmitatheone Day 2,321, 00:23

AAH!!! Long time my frnd! Where have you been?
Good to see you back and your articles...

love you as always!!!

Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 23:37

Aise bakwaas article ko like kar rahi hai...tere chashme fodne padenge !

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:32

@Gurbaaz, you made my day. Could not tell you how happy I#m to see you, bhai, writting in hindi.

Srijanak1 Day 2,327, 18:06

Ha ha ha . Lol !!!

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:28

Namaskaram, mera dosta ! Aura dhan'yavada !

Ind1anMartyr Day 2,321, 00:56

The ashram is open again? 😃

Very nice song!!! o7

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:34

Do not miss the chai with me 😉 is single malt.

Srijanak1 Day 2,327, 18:07

Kitne bhasae janta hai bhai tu ?

Hobblit Day 2,321, 01:11

Maniu Bhai

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:34

Best wishes to the Shire !

Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 02:33

mahan bekaar article..bc padhne se pehle hi neend a writer ko bolo ..bc boredom ka fine mere accnt main 100 cc ka fine transfer kar.

Asmitatheone Day 2,322, 00:21

You have no idea who this guy is!!! He knows more about Indian history mythology and culture!!! Read and learn from his article!!!

Gurbaaz Day 2,322, 00:20

kabhi bulayo isse IRC pe ..phir dekhte hain isse kya aata hai...

Gurbaaz Day 2,321, 02:36

Comment deleted

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,322, 08:54

"We all love to imagine ourselves in an island, far from civilization (we love and hate it) living a simple life, with the one we love."
I used to imagine it, but now I do it.
Thank you for the article 🙂

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:38

ar mhianta is fearr mo chara daor hÉireann

Patanjali Day 2,323, 09:44

Btw, did I mentioned before, the singer is from one indian parent (the other is algerian) ?

Srijanak1 Day 2,327, 18:09

Hope I am judging it correctly . I agree a bit with Gurbaz and a bit with Asmita . Hoping for a much much better art. my older frnd .

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