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Huge thanks to all on my last day as Knighthawks VP

Day 2,429, 03:35 Published in Australia Chile by Bree K

Hello Knighthawks and hello my EAustralian friends

I was going to stay quiet until after the elections but Molly's beautiful article full of kind words for all was too much and i had to add my own words and add my personal thanks. I've put pen to paper on behalf of the council now i want to say something from my heart about the past month as the Knighthawks vice president and member of the party I have loved.

Before i do that I want to make a special remark about Majester and the fallen Green and Gold Party. They were my first choice joining ERepublik but fell too often to inactivity to stay. I was in Hawks and for a while was argi's 2nd commander it made plenty of sense to join Kh as a party once G and G fell down one last time before it went into history.

Back to the present it doesn't matter what happens in the election between me and my fellow contenders this is my last whole day as Knighthawks vice president. F0rse7i took a leap of faith in me and it's a debt I can't repay. Members of the party have taught me a lot about what leadership means.

Hugh will probably get a shock but i thank him too. We have had our moments but they have made me strong and to be an EAustralian it's not like the easy going real life country many of us know. You really have to be strong in EAus to survive.

Many others taught me a lot along the way and most i won't name because of whatever. I want you all to know how thankful I am to be able to stand here on the edge of the country's rebuild to be back in the congress/senate and to have had the great pleasure to get to meet so many of you for the first time and catch up with old friends.

Most of all it were those i had many a match with that showed to a lot of people what can happen when the country's cry is heard above our own. We stepped up proudly.

The next time you hear from me will be as the new president of the Knighthawks or as an honoured member. Whatever the outcome I have loved this last month and all of the people that were a part of it.

how lucky is our country to have such great people in it?

thank u and have a wonderful evening 🙂

Knighthawks vice president
nominee for party president


BOUD1CCA Day 2,429, 03:47


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,429, 04:45

Voted, good luck and it has genuinely been nice seeing another party in the media regularly. For too long the scene was dead and it's great to see parties active again.

F0rse7i Day 2,429, 07:37

gl Bree!

Infowar Day 2,429, 10:27

Good luck Bree! o7

J Seemore
J Seemore Day 2,429, 14:12

Good luck!

Molly Jo
Molly Jo Day 2,429, 16:55

Voted o7 🙂

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