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How to tank?

Day 1,854, 02:02 Published in India Finland by Akshit Thakur

how to buy 100s of

I wanna tank \o/ 😃


lHonouR Day 1,854, 02:06


Lonqu Day 1,854, 02:17

Get a credit card. xD

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,854, 02:21

for some one only 14?

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,854, 06:27

Parents credit card 😉

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,854, 06:43

😛 tanking is a dream then 😛

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,854, 08:34

Just a shiny little card needed....

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,854, 13:13

U meed mp card. these dides dont know what they are talking about xP U just need supply pack + 1 000 golds which u can easily earn (not really)... Best way to earn money is to use training centers as your money factory.

Dont waste golds and upgrade TC when admins decide to start -44% discount thats not that hard I guess... Improve str and earn golds to get more str, and thats the way ur going to tank(:

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,855, 01:34 training will help 😃

Adhavan Day 1,855, 01:39

@ Vladimir - How does str contribute?

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,855, 04:39

Adhavan....... The Super Soldier medals pay-off

rocksn Day 1,855, 04:40

250 str=5 gold

Vladimir Alexei
Vladimir Alexei Day 1,855, 09:07

Adhavan Super Soldier medal is 5 golds. You can gain a medal in just 7-8 days if you have good training centers.

Also, when you train you gain more and more str that means more dmg per hit and that is very very important I guess:S

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,855, 09:24

Akshit how many tanks do you need? let me know, I will send you : D

Akshit Thakur
Akshit Thakur Day 1,856, 01:50

adhavan.... check the formulae in the eWiki-

Adhavan Day 1,856, 02:33

@ Vladamir : is there a method to know what percentage of your damage is contributed by your str ?

e.g. Lets say in a fight, I have 500 str, used 20 energy fired a q1 weapon and made a damage of 1000 now what part of the 1000 damage was contributed by the 500 str


player 1 with 500 str, used 20 energy and fired q1 weapon = damage ?
player 2 with 1000 str, used 20 energy and fired q1 weapon = damage ?

Adhavan Day 1,856, 07:07

@ Akshit : I unable to locate the formulae, can you please cut and paste here?

Adhavan Day 1,856, 11:06

@ Akshit: thank you

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