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How to reform eSAAF - my opinion

Day 1,997, 09:51 Published in South Africa Croatia by Knez Hrvata

This is only may opinion

Few days ago i saw this article on forum Reformation of eSAAF and eSAAF's Future. So i give my opinion:

„i was just looking all military units in south africa we have 5 mu i propose 1 mu for all new citizens and other 4 for division from 1 to 4
we need to have in every regiment active captain
in every mu we need to have at least one person with q7 factory members who will work for lowest wage
and all that wepon must be divided to people who work and to players whit lowest level
in south africa average salary is 10cc for that a new player cant buy only 1 q7 wep “

Then i thought a little:

-weapon distribution for younger players
-food fight and energy bars
-spend money from state treasury to young players who will stop play after few days

Maybe it is wrong???

All great players start playing long time ago so they don't know how to start playing now !
My vision of eSouth African Armed Forces:
-150 days in division 1
-only rocket fight
-do NOT work
-do NOT fight with weapons
-do NOT earn experience points ( only training)
All players from division two who have less than 2 000 strength I invite them to close that account and start from beginning with us (because if you have 2 000 strength in Division 2 we need 5 players like you to make same damage as one player at level 29 who have 10 000 strength and you will spent five times more Q7 weapon)
-make rocket
- 2 or 3 rockets will earn you BH medal
- players who are division 1 but can make rocket fight and train for 150 days will invest all gold that have in Training center(free) and send to eSouth African Armed Forces account and from that account finance other training
-all gold we earn from medals we will send to eSouth African Armed Forces account
-from that account we will receive 3 Q1 rocket packs weapon and 200 ZAR so we can build 3 rockets every two days to hit in one battle (every soldier will also have 200 ZAR on his account so he can move that day if he need travel to fight)
-This way it will not be important who gain BH because if you lose it with 100 000 damage five times in row you will be able to build three more rockets for another fight
-when account reach some gold we will first invest that money in our training center upgrades (but we will always leave some gold so we can make another rockets)
-and person who control that will write every 7 days report on our national forum how much gold did we earn and how much did we send to our fighters
Monthly financing (on 20 players):
-cost of 20 players * 45 rockets=
20*45*100,2=90180 ZAR=
392,08 gold (1 gold=230 ZAR)
-income from BH medals(fix)=
20 players *10 BH=
200*2 gold=
400 gold
(we will gain more than 10 BH medals per one player)
-income from TP medals(variable-first month new player 4TP medals)=
20 players*3 medals*5 gold=
300 gold
-income from SS medals=
20 players*10 strength*30 days=
24 SS medals*5 gold =
120 gold
427,92 gold

After 150 days we will have at least 5 000 strength and than we will be able to take 3 BH medals daily only from food fight in Division 1. And with that we can continue in Division 2.

-South Africa will have strongest Division 1 and later Division 2
-all members will have over 100 BH medals and will be one of strongest players when we enter in Division 2!
-when we enter Division 3 we will have enough strength to take one BH daily + we will have enough gold to have all Training centers at level 4 and Climbing center on level 3!
-If you want to help South Africa than help her by making significant damage in your division and becoming economy independent!

If you have some new ideas or suggestions how we should organize or improve eSouth African Armed Forces please write them in comment!


kuckuck Day 1,998, 03:10

Good article

Miyagiyoda Day 1,998, 23:34

Food for thought, and easy enough to accommodate in training.

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 1,999, 01:58

Food for thought, and easy enough to accommodate in training

also think it is a good idea

Saffa Manne
Saffa Manne Day 2,045, 05:16

Sounds good, I think. Just make sure to explain it clearly to new guys like myself. A little confusing!?

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