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How to fight, help your country and help yourself

Day 790, 23:55 Published in USA USA by ligtreb
Note: I've printed this article before, but wanted to print this again to use in an ad

One of the most common problems I see from new players is not knowing how to fight and use the hospital.

Why you should fight:
1) You're helping your country.
2) When you fight, you can use a hospital once per day, which if you live in a state with a Q5 (5-star) hospital, gets you 50 wellness points. (See instructions on how to use the hospital at the end of this article.)
3) Each fight gives you two experience points, and experience points help you go up another level.
4) It's fun!

The drawbacks of fighting: There are none! This isn't real life where people die and get injured.


1. Check your wellness. If your wellness is below 40, you can't fight. If you need help getting to 40, please ask the USA Welcoming Committee for gifts. You also need to be at level 5 to fight (it's the green number below your avatar).

2. Make sure you're in a state with a Q5 (five-star) hospital. The only states in the USA with a Q5 hospital are California, Florida and Karnataka. If you need a free moving ticket to move to one of those states, contact the USA Welcoming Committee.

3. You don't have to have a weapon to fight. But if you can afford it, buy weapons from the Marketplace. If you have them, one weapon is used up every fight. Q1 (one-star) weapons are the most efficient, unless you're rich, you should only be buying Q1 weapons.

4. Check for orders from the Department of Defense's newspaper. This is important, don't just fight in the first war you see. Our enemies may start battles just to distract us from our main goal. Go to the battlefield specified in the DoD orders. To fight, click on Fight.

Instructions for how many times to fight:

If you live in California, Florida, Karnataka or somewhere abroad with a Q5 hospital:
Wellness between 40-60: Fight 1 time, then heal (see instructions on how to heal below)
Wellness between 61-70: Fight 2 times, then heal
Wellness between 71-80: Fight 3 times, then heal
Wellness between 81-90: Fight 4 times, then heal
Wellness between 91-100: Fight 5 times, then heal

If you live in a state with below a Q5 hospital, MOVE TO KARNATAKA, CALIFORNIA OR FLORIDA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

After your last fight, click on &quot;Back to Battlefield&quot;. Then click on &quot;Hospital&quot;. Then click on &quot;Heal&quot;. You should see your wellness go up.

Alternatively, you can click on your state in your profile, and then click on &quot;Heal&quot;. California residents can use this link. Florida residents can use this link. Karnataka residents can use this link.

Remember, you can only use the hospital once per day. Do not fight again after you've healed until the next day!

For those of you want to see a YouTube video about how to fight and heal, click here.

Thank you for reading and helping your country,



Darlek Day 790, 23:56


Rheinlander von Phalz
Rheinlander von Phalz Day 790, 23:59


Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 790, 00:01

Great job!

JeepAmerica Day 790, 00:01

Ligtreb, making articles 6 minutes before reset 😛

Joshua Patterson
Joshua Patterson Day 790, 00:09

First, I saw the cat fist and thought it would be MLK related. I need to get out of RL &gt;.&gt;

Kramerica Industries
Kramerica Industries Day 790, 00:12

Excellent information as always.


Ingo Castilho
Ingo Castilho Day 790, 00:12

Voted, good info.

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 790, 00:41

Awesome article, ligtreb. Thanks again for the knowledge to pass on to younger players.

PimpDollaz Day 790, 01:05

fight the power

WJ Raws
WJ Raws Day 790, 02:41

How can you join the mobile Infantry?

sydiot Day 790, 02:42

Listen up, noobs. Ligtreb speaks the TROOF. Day 790, 02:59

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Tiamati Day 790, 03:02

Meow; Pow, pow, POW! Now that We've toyed with our Prey; Lets finish Phoenix off ^^

VOTE &amp; Share this!

Eugene Harlot
Eugene Harlot Day 790, 07:41

Good info

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 790, 08:09

Good stuff, thanks!

idontcareaboutmyname Day 790, 09:02

AWWWWWWW THE cat pictures are so cute! and if any congress dudes are reading this, or even the presisdent, GET Q5 HOSPITALS IN EVERY STATE!

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 790, 10:54

lol, heroic lolcat is heroic. voted. 😃

As for Q5 hospitals in every state, it's just not a very good idea, in terms of money and in terms of how to allocate our resources.

Syrup Day 790, 12:27

Going to link to my referrals. A good explanation of how many times to fight per wellness.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 790, 12:37

Very nice. Voted. Sub. And I think Q5s in all would be counter productive to what has been accomplished. However, I do believe that a Q2 in every state is a good idea. This way the people stuck in the wastelands can get healed if they cant get tickets. It will send the message that we care, and that we still want you to move.

A Stranger
A Stranger Day 790, 15:27

Now jumpstart that Guns for Huns project so scrubs like me can fight more efficiently

Green Lion
Green Lion Day 790, 19:08

Thanks! Vote and sub.

Hunted Day 791, 10:54

voted 🙂

Chancellor Bates
Chancellor Bates Day 791, 12:32


Brynn Summers
Brynn Summers Day 791, 20:02

Very informative. Outstanding article!

Imagefile Day 792, 17:52

Anyone have any thoughts on why the instructions on ow to heal outside a battle don't work?

Azaleigh Montclarion
Azaleigh Montclarion Day 798, 19:06

v &amp; s

Holen Day 827, 04:18

wtf lol i cant stop laughing about the cats

joanne sturd
joanne sturd Day 832, 04:24

very helping...

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