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How to be a good congressman

Day 1,449, 12:48 Published in Slovakia Slovakia by martin 123456789
I would like to remind You couple of basic tasks of each congressman (someone who is very important
for eCSFR, is not a puppet which votes just for fun):

Hand-over of received gold from congress membership medal. Details would be advised by MoF
You will vote for exact proposals, needful for our country; do not propose anything only for fun

If You have any doubts how to vote, please feel free to ask any player with more experiences via
PM or Skype / IRC.

You have 24 hours for voting, there is no reason to rush.
We have some newbies in congress currently. Don’t worry, You would become honorable
congress members once You read bellow (if there are still any doubts, please feel free to contact someone more experienced)

Congressmen duties:

To vote about president’s law proposals
Law proposals and voting
Citizenship approval


You will receive an alert once there is new law proposal


You wouldn’t lose Your congress membership in case You leave Your party. Only way how to
lose it is to resign congress.
You have more options than standard citizen. You can find
them HERE

This place is dedicated to law proposals. Each congressman has opportunity (not duty) to propose 2 laws.

These are laws You can propose:

New citizen fee

To change amount of currency which would new citizen receive as starting capital (not less than 5 SKK).

Country donations

To transfer certain amount of country currency or gold from country accounts to NBS. During 24 hours
law voting duration is proposed amount of currency or gold frozen and can not be used anyhow. Do not
ever propose transfer to other place than NBS.

Issue money

To change proposed amount of gold for certain amount of country currency. Included transaction tax,
which is automatically deducted, in amount of 0,005 g per 1 SKK. (Currently no need for eCSFR)

Tax change

It is the most complex section. 1 – 99 % in case of Import tax, 1 – 25 % VAT and 1 – 25% Income tax.
This consult with Ministry of Finance

Minimum wage

To change minimal wage for employees. Can not be less than 0.1 country currency.

President impeachment

To make President end his office – will be replaced with candidate who received 2nd highest amount of
all votes in Presidential elections. For this law to be considered accepted it needs 66% of the Congress

Natural enemy

For this law to be considered accepted it needs 66% of the Congress votes.

Citizenship approval

Never do it without confirmation of dedicated government member. PTO is possible by anyone within
our community.

How to vote

Each proposal can be described in Discussion area (Unwritten rule says that if there is nothing
mentioned in Discussion area, vote NO. You can paste any picture link or any other relevant link in

Each congressman can use 2 law proposals during 1 congress membership period, President can use
unlimited amount of proposals.

Each law voting duration is 24 hours. To be considered accepted it needs 50 % of the Congress votes,
in case of President Impeachment or Natural enemy it is 66 %. Each congressman as well as country
president can vote.

Congress is on higher level in bigger countries. It means that congressmen discuss about each proposal
via forum or Skype / IRC chat. This is why would be helpful, once there are couple of new people
in congress, to join Skype chat where all the law proposals should be discussed. Of course, country
president, government member responsible for citizenship applications and other member responsible
for different type of proposals are more than welcome.

Just a reminder

Inspired by previous articles from: Ghostbiker, Lawyee

Corrections: Luxia Borgia, Burko Burian

Translation: Deph


All congressmen should V+S for me to understand they had read this article


martin 123456789
martin 123456789 Day 1,449, 12:49

ak nájdete chyby pošlite mi PM opravím

Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,449, 12:50


x d x m
x d x m Day 1,449, 12:50

bravo martin \o/
pekny clanok


Ghostbiker Day 1,449, 12:53

Me Ghosta. 😃^_^

Markusiak Day 1,449, 12:53

skvele : )

Slovenska verzia je predosly clanok, ak by si niekto nevsimol... ; )

Arcade Gannon
Arcade Gannon Day 1,449, 13:02

Povinna literatura pre poslancov.

Bieszkow Day 1,449, 13:13


Jovan Tekelija
Jovan Tekelija Day 1,449, 15:20

sweet : )

Lawyee Day 1,450, 23:56

kongresmani, poriadne sa to naucte, koncom tyzdna bude z toho pisomka!

ave michal
ave michal Day 1,450, 02:36


KacmiDO Day 1,450, 04:04

voted, vyborne!

Deph Day 1,450, 06:14

...voted, skvelá práca číselkavý martin

Apex The Great
Apex The Great Day 1,741, 13:57


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