How to be a genius

Day 4,284, 01:17 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by goLdeNNN II

If you ever come to a position to earn money without doing anything else but sitting in an office chair from time to time, with your legs on your desc and coffee, you will be considered as a smart person. But if you get yourself to a position to lose what you are earning with just one single stupid decision, you will be considered re**rded.

Now, let's get to the point.

Day 4,282 receiving a temp ban for reaching 10 Forfeit points. Usually, people get shout ban here even on 30 forfeit points, but that was not the case with my account. I received an instant 24 hours temp ban, and plus a 2 days shout ban. Sent a juicy ticket to ask for explanation on my way, and instead of giving me explanation I received permanent ban

So, after 2 years of active playing, and never stoping packs they decided to ban me cuz I sent them few ugly words(rofl), or maybe they banned me cuz my loyalty status was on other account?

I've seen people with 30 forfeit points and they never got a temp ban.

Zac, quack, duck, s**k, you all know that you don't have a reason for a permanent ban, therefore I hope you make a smart decision and not lose a good amount of money, since that's the only thing you are after

See you soon, in an article that might be an actual farewell. Be smart 😉