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How should I spend my Gold?

Day 1,608, 23:50 Published in USA Peru by David Wilson

Curious how to best spend that precious Gold you're given?

Today I continue my education series with an article on Buildings and Profit.

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Buildings and Profit

Everyone starts out the game with 3 grain farms and a Q1 food factory.
Spending 10 wellness at each grain farm gives you Food Raw Materials (FRM).
You can then use the FRM and 10 wellness to work in your food factory which produces Q1 food.
Each unit of Q1 food restores 2 wellness.

Since we currently have 100% resource bonuses, I am going to use current production as an example.

For other % bonus production see the following CHART.

With 3 grain farms you can produce 210 FRM (70 each).
Your 1 Q1 food factory will require 200 FRM to produce 200 units of food.
That leaves you with 10 FRM to save and sell for profit.

*Note* Even though you can hire workers at these companies, you will not make a profit while paying salaries. You should only work at each company yourself.

200 units of food allows you to work (-10 wellness), train (-10 wellness), produce (-40 wellness), and still have 340 wellness to fight 34 times in a day.

You don't want to buy food or weapons from the market yet. Save your profit for the buildings described below.

If you choose, you could also sell some of your food for profit. However, prior to level 20 you are more likely to profit faster from leveling up (1 Gold per level) by fighting as many times as you can.

Note that you do NOT want to spend your Gold on training or wellness when you are starting out. You also should ignore weapons until you have enough food to fight as many times per day as possible.

Once you have enough currency, the next thing you will want to do is buy another food farm.

If you are anxious, buy another grain farm (1500 USD) . If you can save up to 8500 USD, a cattle farm is your best value and saves you wellness.

After you have a total of 6 grain farms or 3 grain farms and 1 cattle farm, you are ready to start saving for another food factory.

You can buy a new Q1 factory for 10 Gold (or buy a used factory from the marketplace for cheaper) which will give you a total of 800 units of wellness (400 Q1 food). You can also choose to upgrade your Q1 factory to a Q2 factory for 20 Gold which will give you a total of 800 units of wellness (200 Q2 food), but will save you 10 wellness each time you work. A Q2 factory is also required for upgrading your Town Center (discussed below).

Repeat this process until you have sufficient food to cover fighting for your daily orders. At that point you can continue to buy FRM farms and sell for profit, or you can begin to buy (Weapon Raw Material) WRM companies.

The next step to maximizing your damage is upgrading your Town Center.

Every hour your town center stores 100 health that you can recover by eating food. The maximum amount of storeable health is determined by the quality of your Town Center. After your Town Center's capacity reaches its maximum, the 1 hour timer will restart after you consume at least 1 food.

Your Town center can be upgraded by clicking My Places > Special Buildings > + sign.

Food and weapon company quality requirements are minimum requirements. Having a better food or weapon factory than listed will fulfill the requirement. Having a better raw material company will not fulfill the requirement as raw material companies are catalogued as different types of buildings.

Once you have reached level 5 you should be able to easily upgrade your Town Center to Q2.

Next you will have to purchase an Iron Mine (1500 USD) and a Q1 Weapon Factory (10 Gold). Just like with grain, it will take you 3 iron mines to supply your Q1 weapon factory with enough WRM to produce 20 weapons.

You should NOT use weapons to fight yet. Sell any WRM or weapons you produce for profit.

If you need weapons to fight you should join a military commune.

Thank you to Israel Stevens for recommending today's topic. Please leave your comments below with suggested topics for the next article.



crvnazvezda Day 1,608, 23:54

hey, dont forget about free-training ground upgrade. it is one of the best investment.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,609, 00:03

Nice article bro

Tristan Blalock
Tristan Blalock Day 1,609, 00:17

This is perhaps one of the best "how do I start?" articles I've read thus far for the contemporary version of eRepublik. Thank you for writing it. Voted it. I'll include it in my "Yesterday's American" section of my newspaper.

mvcakir Day 1,609, 01:39

Congrats mate.

As Tristan said, this is the best educational article series I have read in eRepublik.

Do you mind if I translate this into Turkish and publish for our babies?

dalmatinac87 Day 1,609, 02:56


mvcakir Day 1,609, 03:14

btw, next one may be about media module, if you have no other topic

Capo Ne
Capo Ne Day 1,609, 03:57

Voted as usual! o7

Kolkat Govrka
Kolkat Govrka Day 1,609, 05:17

First off al, excuse me for not so great English

If you have some gold, save it. Gold is the only thing here that have some value and that value will be bigger and bigger...

If you open a factory (q1 for example) for 10 gold, you need to sell at least 44000 pieces of food to get your money back (17000 USD + 5000 USD for raw).

And this is the most optimistic thinking...

You need 220 days (if bonus is 100%) to produce 44000 pieces of food which means you need almost a year to earn back what you have invested...

But, if you really want to do something with it, open q4 raw companies and that's it...

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,609, 06:19


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,609, 06:45

economy in eRep is crap... you can't get rich or earn anything back...
good article, vote...

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Day 1,609, 10:22

All that effort, pffft, just send me the gold and save yourself the trouble

menon111 Day 1,609, 10:29


Thedillpickl Day 1,609, 10:54

Very well thought out article. However I disagree on the q1 food co. strategy. Many promote that plan because it looks good for the short term, I plan for the long term player. Of course it is very hard to get started by doing it all yourself, a helpful MU or party can get you through all this preliminary junk quickly so that you become a productive member of that group.

Day 1,608, 23:54
"hey, dont forget about free-training ground upgrade. it is one of the best investment."

I concur. The first thing that gold should be spent on is to upgrade the free training ground to q2. Instead of getting the 5 gold for a SS award every 50 days, you will receive 5 gold every 25 days. You will make your 20 gold upgrade investment back in less than 4 months, everything after is free bonus gold. Plus your military strength will go up almost twice as fast. This effect is cumulative, the sooner you start the greater the effect in the long run.

Anyhow, good luck to all. Let's get our n00bs big and fat as soon as possible so our enemies will have something to fear. xD

Darkneo Day 1,609, 12:16

voted o/

Dr_Revenue Day 1,609, 13:11

This article is so good that ONE players should be denied access. xD


creitzell Day 1,609, 13:23

I would like to add that you should not upgrade a company until there is a sale. Any thoughts on that?

David Wilson
David Wilson Day 1,609, 13:27

Thanks for the great feedback thedillpickl and creitzell!

JHUNTER Day 1,609, 15:03

it sucks that you have to buy an aluminum mine to upgrade to q5 town center, since you have to pay in gold.

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 1,609, 15:23

Voted! Well done. 🙂

Thedillpickl Day 1,609, 21:45

😁^ Lose gold! xD

Mythakbar Day 1,610, 01:22


Cercizi.07 Day 1,610, 01:31

Voted and subbed, very nice article for new players

Greveniotis Day 1,610, 02:03

voted + sub

Animis Day 1,610, 06:11

excellent, informative article

CharlyGarcia Day 1,610, 06:51


Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,610, 08:41

v+S nice article. also building q4 raws is better than another q1 food company.

CII venom
CII venom Day 1,610, 10:03

tell them to commune and get supplied so they can sell what they make!

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,610, 15:08

Self sufficient is the way to be. It all depends on how you get there.

cc1432 Day 1,610, 15:34

nice ! also don't forget about the 44% discount for factories and houses. : D

Damon Mortis
Damon Mortis Day 1,610, 20:30

Nice article, vote !

Arrden Day 1,610, 21:33


Kathee93 Day 1,610, 22:28

thank you for this!

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