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How it Feels to be a FED! (Contest Entry)

Day 1,818, 07:41 Published in USA USA by logamac

This is logamac I'm boredso lets make a damn article. If you hate this well. . . Sushi cat won't be pleased with you.

So yah heres the real shizz. . .

The Story:

I first moved to the USA from eSingapore nearly a year ago.

I was looking at the parties and I was asking them stuff like what they stand for. I chose the feds because they were an epic bunch of people and I joined.

I really loved it in the party like sushi cat here. So I applied and I got in.

I was really happy I got in and at that time I think greene was the party president. I got a job in R&R and I grew from there.

Then everyone was happy as hell.




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