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How did this game go down?

Day 1,961, 11:48 Published in Poland Poland by Dibadaba

I'm playing a game with a very similar idea than thisone. The difference is, that in my game everything is fine and the game staff haven't screwed the game up (and probably won't soon either) while this game has clearly been killed by it's staff. I have heard stories of the "good old times" bu I can't believe them because right now we have nothing similar to that descrition in here.
The game I play is much newer but also much-much better and more complicated (therefore more fun to play for someone who's not just 2-clicking) + it has taken the good parts of erepublik, left the bad parts and made up some very good parts of it's own.
So what I wanna know from old players (being a newbie myself), was this game really good once and what happened then???



Any name
Any name Day 1,961, 12:57

Most of erep clones is based on the first version of eRepublik, I've heard. So, yeah - I suppose the game really was good once.
But how the lowering of the game's level proceeded - I don't know. I didn't start the game early.

NeverKnewMyself Day 1,962, 02:47

Why bother with making complains about this game, go back to your 100 players playing game with similar idea and have fun...

Dibadaba Day 1,962, 05:21

There's much more than 100 players of course, About 13k at the moment, I think. I'm not complaining, I'm asking.

Woofz Day 1,962, 05:42

Well, eRerepublik was a great game muuuch time ago. I'm talking about the begining of it. There were MUCH MUCH MUCH more people playing back then. What happened? Admins became greedy and started making changes. They aimed to get as much gold as possible, making the game a totall pay-to-win. This is why thousands and thousands of players quit all over the years... Peolpe which pay gold have many privileges, and that sucks. I'm talking about the ones which had many multiple accounts, but didn't get banned, because they used their credit cards all the time for the game. eRepublik v1 was the best, every old player will tell this too. Also, back then, you could win a lot of money by doing ingame bussiness. Now, you can't get money, because economy module is ruined, and the only way of getting them is by spending real money. So yeah, game was pretty fun and cool, but because of the changes, it became a pretty shitty one.

Dibadaba Day 1,962, 07:06

Thanks for the answer. I was actually (when starting) surprised why this game has a economy module and companies since there's no point in companies - gold is worth a much, companies are worth a lot of gold but they only produce few cents of profits. Also it's really unfortunate that 1st "pay-to-win" as you put it, promotion begins, 2 days later begins a new promotion and so on. I have learned that best is to upgarde training building + wait for +50% promotion and then use your dozens and hundreds of bazookas and energy bars.

Woofz Day 1,962, 10:06

You have learned right 😉

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