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How A Utopia Should Run

Day 1,820, 20:54 Published in USA USA by Jmaj

I think a Utopia is a form of a socialist democracy. There is no real economic pyramid while the people vote on the decisions made in the community. It sounds easy. Share and interact with others in your community and it will function properly. However, it is not easy. If a few people slack off and take advantage of other's work the system will have holes and fail. Knowing mankind, there will be a few lazy people. It would not be a utopia if on or two people or even the rest of the population had a higher workload when those people can relax and be lazy. Also as humans we strive for riches and domination. If a few people decide to become leaders and take over the whole system, everyone would not be equal due to others having higher power. In larger landmasses it cannot work due to everyone not being able to know each other through interaction. It can only be used through small communities. Overall, utopias seem great, but they are fantastical. For a civilization too stand it needs a ruler with more power than anyone else.



Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,821, 16:24

A powerful position is a bonus, when it comes to accountability. It's not so good if they have screwed us and they write the laws.
The problem with democracy, is that it's seudo-democracy.

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