Hot news on the Trivia Bonus and the War Module

Day 443, 10:28 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

The following days will be the last ones in which you might improve your in-game performances by starting the quiz system. We have taken into consideration all the requests and suggestions received over time and have decided to replace Trivia.

The first step will represent removing the quiz system option. This will be done sometime next week. Once Trivia is removed, and until another feature is implemented, working, training and fighting will be done instantly without having the option of starting or skipping Trivia.

Yes, you have read correctly. The War Module will be restored next week as well. There will be announcements concerning the exact moment that the interrupted battles will begin.

Now, removing Trivia would normally mean that its optional bonus would also be removed. But, we have decided to repay your support such that you will receive temporary bonuses for the actions of working, training and fighting (but only until another feature is implemented).

How will this temporary bonus affect your working, training and fighting abilities? While working, you will have a productivity 50% higher than when skipping Trivia. While training, however, a 100% bonus will be added to the default strength increase. This will give all of you the chance to receive a medal for the Super Soldier achievement more quickly. While fighting, a temporary bonus of 100% of your potential force will also be applied..

There is something else that all of you are probably thinking about right now. What will happen to your wellness on the battlefield? Many of you have been visiting the hospital after receiving severe wounds during the fights. Skipping the Trivia of course wasn't very safe. So, we believe you will all be glad to hear that fighting will be a lot safer for awhile. Until another feature will be implemented, you will only lose 10 points of wellness for every fight you participate in.

Have fun!

Best regards from the eRepublik Team