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Frank Sinatra - French Foreign Legion
Frank Sinatra - French Foreign Legion

French Foreign Legion - Legio Patria Nostra [Legion is our Fatherland]

Honour and Fidelity - French Foreign Legion & Arab Foreign Legion [LEA]

Today a new military unit - Arab Foreign Legion - has been established!

Exactly 180 years after the French Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère) was founded (1831), we founded Légion étrangère arabe - LEA | Arab Foreign Legion.

Légion étrangère arabe - LEA | Arab Foreign Legion Flag

Arab Foreign Legion Insignia

French Foreign Legion emblem

Arab Foreign Legion emblem is based on French Foreign Legion emblem, which represents a stylized old style of hand grenade, with a rising flame.

In addition, Arab Foreign Legion or Légion étrangère arabe - LEA has a symbol of lioness (Lea) in front of the lower part of the grenade.

Arab Foreign Legion Objectives

#1 First objective of Arab Foreign Legion (LEA) is to fight for freedom, defending and liberating eEgypt and other Arab countries in their core regions.
#2 Second objective is to help other, usually smaller countries when attacked in their core regions or when liberating in RWs.

Arab Foreign Legion Structure and Organization


Légion étrangère arabe (LEA) is open to all nationals.


Official languages are English, Arabic and French. Language of commands is English.
Communication is conducted via MU feeds, via ingame messages and IRC channel #LEA.


Légion étrangère arabe (LEA) is a self-sustainable military unit. This means that its logistics will be based on spending not more than we earn. Its members can freely chose where to work and don't have to work for low salaries, quite the contrary. LEA will be exactly that kind of Military Unit. Soldiers will be responsible to buy their weapons from their salary, and will have best prices of food and weapons on the market, and a bit better than that.

French Foreign Legionaires

Connections between French Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère) and Légion étrangère arabe - LEA | Arab Foreign Legion

There are many connections between French Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère) and Légion étrangère arabe - LEA | Arab Foreign Legion.

The sappers (sapeurs) of the French Foreign Legion traditionally sport large beards, wear leather aprons and gloves and carry axes.

Did you know that French Foreign legion is open to all nationals, including French?

Commanded by French officers, it is also open to French citizens, who amounted to 24% of the recruits as of 2007.[1]

French citizens can enlist under a declared, fictitious, foreign citizenship (generally, a francophone one, often that of Belgium or Switzerland). After one year's service, Legionnaires can regularise their situation under their true identity. After serving in the Legion for three years, a legionnaire may apply for French citizenship.[14] He must be serving under his real name, must no longer have problems with the authorities, and must have served with “honour and fidelity”. Furthermore, a soldier who becomes injured during a battle for France can apply for French citizenship under a provision known as “Français par le sang versé” ("French by spilled blood").

International Character

Both French Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère) and Arab Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère arabe - LEA) are open to all nationals and do not discriminate people based on their country of origin, race nor religion.
Only criteria for acceptance are capabilities of its candidates.

French Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère) emblem and colours.

HQ in North Africa

Both, French Foreign Legion and Arab Foreign Legion had headquarters in North Africa when founded. Algeria was designated as the French Foreign Legion's home. Arab Foreign Legion has headquarters in Egypt (Western Desert).

Légion Étrangère - Le boudin
Légion Étrangère - Le boudin
Le Boudin is the French Foreign Legion's marching song.

Foreign Legion Traditions

As the Legion is composed of soldiers of different nationalities and backgrounds, it needed to develop an intense Esprit de Corps which is carried out by the development of camaraderie, specific traditions, the high sense of loyalty of its légionnaires, the quality of their training and the pride of being a soldier of an élite unit.

Legions Code of Honour

Every Legionnaire must know by heart the Legionnaire's Code of Honour. (Here it is adapted for Arab Foreign League and eRepublik use). The Legionnaires spend many hours learning it, reciting it, and then getting the vocal synchronisation together:


Art. 1 - Légionnaire, tu es un volontaire, servant l'Égypte avec honneur et fidélité.
Art. 2 - Chaque Légionnaire est ton frère d'armes, quelle que soit sa nationalité, sa race ou sa religion. Tu lui manifestes toujours la solidarité étroite qui doit unir les membres d'une même famille.
Art. 3 - Respectueux des traditions, attaché à tes chefs, la discipline et la camaraderie sont ta force, le courage et la loyauté tes vertus.
Art. 4 - Fier de ton état de Légionnaire, tu le montres dans ton avatar toujours élégante, ton comportement toujours digne mais modeste, ton casernement toujours net.
Art. 5 - Soldat d'élite, tu t'entraînes avec rigueur, tu entretiens ton armes comme ton bien le plus précieux, tu as le souci constant de ta forme physique.
Art. 6 - La mission est sacrée, tu l'exécutes jusqu'au bout et si besoin, en opérations, au péril de ta vie.
Art. 7 - Au combat, tu agis sans passion et sans haine, tu respectes les ennemis vaincus, tu n'abandonnes jamais ni tes morts, ni tes blessés, ni tes armes.


Art. 1 - Légionnaire, you are a volunteer serving Egypt with honour and fidelity.
Art. 2 - Each legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. You show him the same close solidarity that links the members of the same family.
Art. 3 - Respectful of traditions, devoted to your leaders, discipline and comradeship are your strengths, courage and loyalty your virtues.
Art. 4 - Proud of your status as Legionnaire, you display this in your always impeccable avatar, your always dignified but modest behaviour, and your clean living quarters.
Art. 5 - An elite soldier, you train rigorously, you maintain your weapons as your most precious possession, and you take constant care of your physical form.
Art. 6 - The mission is sacred, you carry it out until the end and, if necessary in the field, at the risk of your life.
Art. 7 - In combat, you act without passion and without hate, you respect defeated enemies, and you never abandon your dead, your wounded, or your arms.


Honneur et Fidélité

Unlike any other French unit, the motto of the Legion's regimental flags is not Honneur et Patrie (Honour and Fatherland) but Honneur et Fidélité (Honour and Fidelity).

Legio Patria Nostra

Legio Patria Nostra (The Legion is our Fatherland) is the motto of the Legion. The adoption of the Legion as a new fatherland does not imply the repudiation by the légionnaire of his first nationality. The French Foreign Legion respects the original fatherland of the légionnaires who are totally free to preserve their nationalities. The Legion even asks the agreement of any légionnaire who could be sent in a military operation where his country of origin would be committed.

More on French Foreign Legion, its members, military operations, history, and facts you can read on Wikipedia::French Foreign Legion.

Join Arab Foreign Legion - Apply now!

P.S. If you currently don't hold Egyptian Citizenship (and I expect that most of you don't), join us on IRC chat (Rizon.net) channel #LEA and send me ingame message application for joining the Arab Foreign Legion. You'll have to earn Egyptian CS and formal MU membership in combat. (“Égyptien par le sang versé”).

Founding of Arab Foreign Legion in eEgypt [Day 1286]

Today we got Egypt back on the map! And today I have bought off former Egyptian Armed Division Military Unit from Mazir Nama. (He changed the name of the unit to For Sale - PM YOUR OFFER !?)
I would like to invite you to rejoin the forces. It will probably change it's name to Arab Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère arabe - LEA). Btw., the name change is 2 gold.

In order to reduce the investment costs of buying this MU, I would like to disperse them and I am have to ask 1 gold for every new member of the unit as a member fee.
As eEgypt is currently very low on funds and our unit doesn't have our own Q5 wep company yet (we have a small Q2 wep company, but are working on getting Q3 wep company and have access to Q5 weapons market with affordable prices.), I can't promise you free food or wep, but can promise you to have the best prices of the food and weapons on the market.
Currently I can offer you Q5 weapons for 0.08 gold (25.6 HRK) per piece and prices of food and weapons lower than on most of the markets.
I'll also insist on getting funds from eEgyptian government, which I am still part of.
If you want to join, please apply to:
Légion étrangère arabe - LEA (currently For Sale - PM YOUR OFFER)

Welcome back and hail eEgypt!

Légion étrangère arabe - LEA | Arab Foreign Legion Leader's Avatar Sign
Janko Fran,
Leader of Légion étrangère arabe - LEA
Military Unit

Co-founder of Arab Foreign Legion

Lion and Lioness in Heraldry

In heraldry, among all animals, Lions and Eagles are the most common ones on charge, however, lioness is a very rare symbol (although in wilderness lionesses are the ones who hunt most of the lion's prey). At least it was rare in the Middle Ages, as then most of the societies were patriarchal, and emblems on family signs were inherited mostly through mail lineage and women mostly stayed away from war and battles. Thus, not having strong need for emblems on their shields. In ancient times it was a bit different.

Sekhmet, the Mighty One - the Lioness Goddess

Except being the acronym of the Unit when written in French, Lea or Lioness in Latin, it is interesting that Lioness is also a symbol of ancient Egypt - Sekhmet (the Mighty One), the Lioness Goddess.

Sekhmet from the temple of Mut at Luxor, granite, 1403–1365 BC, in the National Museum, Copenhagen

Sekhmet - the Lion Goddess

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet (also spelled Sachmet, Sakhet, Sekmet, Sakhmet and Sekhet; and given the Greek name, Sachmis), was originally the warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing Upper Egypt. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath created the desert. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare. (from Wikipedia:😒ekhmet)

Pride of Lions

In modern times, lionesses are present in military emblems of South Africa:

South African Army Emblem

Lion’s head surrounded by three lionesses heads (the so-called “pride of lions”) in gold in the centre of a red shield.

Lions and its Geographical Distribution in Africa

The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera, and a member of the family Felidae. With some males exceeding 250 kg (550 l in weight,[4] it is the second-largest living cat after the tiger.

Lioness always protects her cubs

Wild lions currently exist in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia with an endangered remnant population in Gir Forest National Park in India, having disappeared from North Africa and Southwest Asia in historic times. (from WIkipedia:😕ion)

Lionesses during hunt

Distribution of lions in Africa

Unfortunately, today lions are extinct from Egypt, North Africa and Southwest Asia in wilderness.

Lion claw in jewelry

Flag Counter:

Appendix A:

Official Invitation to Arab Foreign Legion [LEA - Legion etrangere Arabe] Military Unit

Salute, {Name}!

I invite you to join Arab Foreign Legion Military Unit [LEA - Legion etrangere Arabe], the strongest MU in eEgypt.

Here is the link to LEA:

Arab Foreign Legion Military Unit [LEA - Legion etrangere Arabe]

Here is more about LEA and our mission:
Honour and Fidelity - Foreign Legion - Where You Can Make a Difference [EN|FR]

Janko Fran
Commander of LEA