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Hola Mexico

Day 1,877, 11:40 Published in Mexico Bulgaria by Wafrey 1914

Hello Mexico

I received Mexican citizenship today (party). I`m really from Bulgaria but I decided to come visit you guys and meet some new cool people.
There will be no politics for me 😃
Basically I come for tequilla 😃

So as a start I will give away 300 energy to everybody that comments below (only Mexicans) 😛

I`m also looking for a serious Mexican MU, I would love to see some invites

Best wishes
Brave heart



Civis Mortuis
Civis Mortuis Day 1,877, 11:41


welcome! o>

mancera Day 1,877, 11:57

Glad to see you here! Ups, I don't have mexican cs right now but anyway, enjoy your visit!

Dasler Pinthado Kls
Dasler Pinthado Kls Day 1,877, 12:11


llopez Day 1,877, 12:25

Welcome to Mexico!! I want to thank you for your visit.

Hackerdude Day 1,877, 12:27

Welcome to your casa, Brave heart!

Drako Day 1,877, 12:59

Welcome o7

Ixion96 Day 1,877, 13:31


DanielEsp Day 1,877, 14:19

Welcome brave heart o/ I hope you enjoy your stay here, you should visit the channels #juventudmx and #panzombie when you have time.

Chrisft Day 1,877, 14:27


seascifi Day 1,877, 15:11

Welcome to Mexico, some tequila for you... Send the energy to the next ones 🙂

qwerty2121 Day 1,877, 19:28

welcome o/COBRAS is the num 1 troller MU XD enjoy:)

Fernando Pich
Fernando Pich Day 1,877, 19:38

Welcome Brave heart !

Mauro Gutierrez
Mauro Gutierrez Day 1,877, 20:25

Welcome to mexico, tequila is ready... 🙂

Erwin Glez
Erwin Glez Day 1,878, 01:29

Hey, Welcome to Mexico "Brave heart_95"

Thanks for your visit, I hope you stay in the country long time, good luck. 😃 😃 😃 😃

Quetzalcoatl ls
Quetzalcoatl ls Day 1,878, 09:53

welcome!!!! o7

Ophiuco Day 1,878, 09:59


Daniel Alcaraz
Daniel Alcaraz Day 1,878, 10:00

Welcome to México Brave Heart!!! o7

Ivanovsky Mainstream
Ivanovsky Mainstream Day 1,878, 10:12


Oso Wallabie
Oso Wallabie Day 1,878, 10:29

Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay in Mexico

ilbugiardo Day 1,878, 10:33

Welcome, bro..
Hail Bulgaria!

kakashi kill2
kakashi kill2 Day 1,878, 10:39

Welcome to Mexico:P

thrashermaniac Day 1,878, 11:58

welcome xD

Bersella Day 1,878, 13:14

Welcome Brave heart

Lizht Day 1,878, 13:37

welcome Brave Heart, I hope you enjoy your stay in eMexico

Jharius Vazquez
Jharius Vazquez Day 1,878, 15:44

hey man, you`re welcome to our country, now put your hands up and shake your tequila`s cup

Kombativo Day 1,878, 15:45

¡ Bienvenido a México !

AdamBunny Day 1,878, 15:47


TheMaxjon Day 1,878, 15:48

Welcome Braveheart. I wish you get totally drunk with tequila! Put you hand up!

CrisoXPWOL Day 1,878, 16:06

Welcome to eMéxico Brave heart_95!
I send you an invitation tu our brotherhood MU GAFES Elite

Good Game and Fun!

Peluf Day 1,878, 16:15

Bienvenido a México y Bienvenido a COBRAS MU 😃

Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Day 1,878, 17:01

you should come to Mercs , there you will have a good friend Me! 😛 and a buch of other friends too! im glad you came to visit and we can get drunk everyday add me up! and lets party!"

Lambomex Day 1,878, 17:30

you´re very welcome..we hope you stay a loong time in mexico so as well you enjoy everytring here...i recomend you "LaHermandad" like a interesting MU for you, because some foreigh people have come here..take care and its so nice your visit¡¡¡and from my part dont worry..for the energy...there are people who need it more than me.. 😃

Speedy Gonzales 2013
Speedy Gonzales 2013 Day 1,878, 17:44

hi, tequila for you!!

Drugsmx Day 1,878, 18:17

welcome mexican si quiere que tradusca muy bien por ti esperamos que tu estadia en mexico sea de lo mas agradable posible

Abril Arcade of Fire
Abril Arcade of Fire Day 1,878, 18:34

Bienvenido c:

James Ramz
James Ramz Day 1,878, 18:40

hello man... and welcome to the jungle :3

Sage A
Sage A Day 1,878, 18:56

welcomee 🙂

ChildFranco Day 1,878, 19:56

Welcome o7

m0ska76 Day 1,878, 20:01

Welcome, and the best MU is Cobras.... hope you can join us..

Sam Buendia
Sam Buendia Day 1,878, 20:01

Llisus Kraist
Llisus Kraist Day 1,878, 20:02

Welcome dear friend 😃

luispastrami Day 1,878, 20:14

son de segun ustedes de mexico y no hablan español

Edskauita Day 1,878, 20:18

Welcome to Tijuana, ese!

Joedrocas Day 1,878, 20:18

Welcome to Mexico!

Fitron Day 1,878, 20:29

you are welcome to mexico,

Santiago Eduardo Perez
Santiago Eduardo Perez Day 1,878, 20:38

bienvenido amigo a México y y si ocupas algo avísame aver en que te puedo ayudar y gracias por a apoyar a México 🙂

luguiyosoy Day 1,878, 20:46

welcome bro!!! cobras is the best mu in mexico, you will be welcome here!!!

Luis Garza
Luis Garza Day 1,878, 21:06

VIVA México.

anexxo Day 1,878, 21:19


Lanix Day 1,878, 21:30

Welcome to Mexico 😃

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