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High Taxes!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1,826, 19:43 Published in USA USA by stunkcuf
Did you know that Income taxes For the USA is at a high 25%!

Why is our government giving us the big rod?

Did they ever think maybe that's why the countries Average salary is $1/$2
I believe this is one of the many things that are breaking the Country and our potential to grow ! I know most of our Population is fairly young in Erepublik! but this is crazy if in IRL where its not good but its not bad we get by. How is this suppose to work? Country wide 25% tax on income is crazy! if anything we need to grow as a country as a Community!

Take The Oregon Paper Poll and tell us what you think the income Rate should be?

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pop George
pop George Day 1,826, 19:58

be thankful congress cannot raise it higher v + s

Viarizi Day 1,827, 16:26


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