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Day 1,845, 15:52 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Policy

This will be fairly simple.

Due to real life reasons, I will be on a hiatus from this Tuesday until February. During this period I will be requesting a temporary ban from eRepublik via ticket and a K-LINE from Rizon.

The forums will be left with a temporary admin: Daineal. If I am needed, I can be reached through Raao. I will not check back in for shit I find pointless (which is most in-game things, ex: Constitution, Congress, Party, Battles, Campaigns, Elections, Messaging, MUs, Changes, Updates, A/PTO.).

As for the movement, I have chosen a temporary leader replacement for the duration of my hiatus, Raao. Also, Azzy will be appointed to the 'Council of Revolutionaries'.

Apart from this all, I entrust Daineal and Alexander Auctoritas with temporary council seats as Dioist Representatives, and bozli once he returns, with a permanent seat; av khan will have the same offer of a permanent seat open should he chose to return to Pakistan.

If I like you, then I may give you my Skype. Don't pester me about eRep shit.

Have fun folks,


Policy Day 1,845, 15:57

To all congress-members, cabinet members, MU and party comrades:

Consider this a Tuesday resignation from the positions held.

hazem95 Day 1,845, 15:58

Salam ALikum 🙂

Waruda Day 1,845, 16:04

Have fun, RL>eRep, I'll do my best with the forum space and will takeover those responsibilities unbiased.

bozli Day 1,845, 17:11

So I take back PK cit, start checking on forums and you quit.. :<

PigInZen Day 1,845, 17:12

See you in February.

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 1,845, 17:14


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,845, 19:42

Ehm Ehm

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,846, 00:11

good luck in rl o7

somaka Day 1,846, 01:39

good luck IRL

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 1,846, 07:15

: / Good luck

kirintaimu Day 1,847, 23:30


St0L3n1 Day 1,847, 08:28

Good luck

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