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Hey eUSA, Time To Do The Guerrilla!

Day 2,421, 11:57 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Army Ants
(Just follow orders)
Day 2421 of the New World
July 7, 2014

Today Plato announced the details of the contest which begins tomorrow.

I want to focus on the critical area of this contest and suggest a strategy for eUSA to maximize our benefits.

As in several past contests, each individual will be given a target level of damage. Prizes will be awarded based on their performance compared with that benchmark.

Furthermore, each country will be given a target level of damage with a large gold prize awarded based on its performance compared with that benchmark.

Any questions so far?


Good. Now let's talk strategy.

Since this competition is based on damage, the key question for maximizing your (and our) reward is this: How do I make the most amount of damage for the least amount of energy spent?

The answer?

That's right, get ready to fight guerrilla all week.

Let me explain.

Not long ago Plato adjusted the damage production of Guerrilla fighting. The new rules award damage which is always AT MINIMUM equal to the damage you would have otherwise done with a Q7 weapon. But if you inflict ANY damage AT ALL against your opponent in the Guerrilla fight, you will be awarded with MORE damage than you would have otherwise done with a Q7 weapon. Here are how the rules read:

The damage resulted from a Guerrilla Fight is now done in the following fashion:

- Victorious players deal:
100% of the maximum damage they would inflict with 100 Energy by using a Q7 weapon
100% of the maximum damage they would inflict (using a Q7 weapon) with the Energy the opponent lost in that Guerrilla Fight (max. 100 Energy, armour is not counted)

- Defeated players deal:
100% of the maximum influence they would inflict with the Energy they lost (max. 100, armour is not counted)
50% of the maximum damage they would inflict with the Energy the opponent lost in that Guerrilla Fight (max. 100, armour is not counted)

- A player receives, no matter if victorious or not, a 10% damage bonus if they manage to kill their opponent in the Guerrilla Fight.
- Natural Enemy bonus and Damage Boosters are taken into account when calculating the damage resulted from Guerrilla Fights.

If all of that is tl;dr, then let me summarize.

All you have to do is enter a Guerrilla fight and hit your opponent so that his energy is reduced. You have now already done more damage than you will be able to do with a Q7 weapon.

If you kill your opponent but lose (this is possible), you will inflict 160% the amount of damage you would have otherwise done with a Q7 weapon.

If you kill your opponent and win, you will inflict 210% the amount of damage you would have otherwise done with a Q7 weapon.

Since our country and our citizens will be awarded prizes based on damage done, it is my recommendation that the entire nation abandon fighting with weapons on the battlefield (except for the 5 kills you must do to enter a Guerrilla fight) and focus entirely on Guerrilla fighting all week.

Remember, damage boosters will also increase your Guerrilla damage, so if you have damage boosters, run them and fight Guerrilla.

Also, do not bother with bazookas, bombs, or rockets... they WILL NOT COUNT towards prizes.

Any citizen who will focus solely on Guerrilla fighting in the coming week will almost assuredly be able to reach the 1000% benchmark where the award is 30 Gold.

So I am calling upon all MU leaders, including our own USAF to inform their troops to fight Guerrilla starting with day 2422.

I also recommend that you review the basics of success in Guerrilla fighting as found in the DoE article written by EZC Guerrilla expert Code-Y.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,421, 12:04

Guerilla! Guerilla!! Guerilla!!!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 20:38

Yo Gnilly, how about:

"Hey eUSA, Time To Do A Lynch Mob!" with you being the leading role??

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:41

Part III

22:30:19] No common channels for gnilraps [cgiirc@run.26.2]
[22:30:19] <gnilraps> ValiantThor:
[22:30:21] <gnilraps> ah
[22:30:31] <ValiantThor> eh?
[22:30:36] <ValiantThor> pls
[22:30:36] <gnilraps> thanks
[22:30:50] <gnilraps> pls what?
[22:31:09] <ValiantThor> send me an ingame message with the following text: cc sent
[22:31:39] <gnilraps> I am willing to do that if you explain first why
[22:32:12] <ValiantThor> so I know that the gnilraps here on IRC is the same gnilraps in-game
[22:32:18] <gnilraps> ah
[22:32:36] <ValiantThor> ...waiting
[22:32:51] <gnilraps> proof sent
[22:33:23] <ValiantThor> no
[22:33:28] <ValiantThor> just text:
[22:33:28] <gnilraps> oh please
[22:33:32] <ValiantThor> cc sent
[22:34:46] <gnilraps> check again
[22:34:47] <ValiantThor> Tell me the whole story
[22:35:26] <gnilraps> I suppose I could as you the same
[22:35:39] <ValiantThor> no you cant!
[22:35:47] <gnilraps> lol
[22:35:48] <gnilraps> ok
[22:36:10] <gnilraps> I wanted to meet with you because I want to know if you have any interest in saving your face
[22:36:21] <gnilraps> which I can offer
[22:36:39] <ValiantThor> are you for real???????
[22:36:53] <gnilraps> where do you expect to finish after today?
[22:37:01] <ValiantThor> ???
[22:37:02] <gnilraps> what do you expect to be left with?
[22:37:06] <ValiantThor> ???
[22:37:08] <gnilraps> your party is already out of the T5
[22:37:11] <ValiantThor> so
[22:37:19] <gnilraps> so at this point you can't even make congress without my help
[22:37:26] <ValiantThor> so
[22:37:39] <gnilraps> but if you work with me I can still preserve something for you
[22:37:53] <ValiantThor> Frost must be present
[22:38:14] gnilraps [cgiirc@run.26.2] invites you to channel #swordfishtrombones (double-click the channel name to join)
[22:38:25] <gnilraps> i'll try
[22:38:34] <ValiantThor> pls do

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:42

[23:16:06] <gnilraps> ValiantThor: why did you want artela gone?
[23:17:10] <ValiantThor> btw: do you know how may AFA votes could have been negotiated with Toto
[23:18:06] <ValiantThor> even better: who is Toto and under who's authority?
[23:18:09] <gnilraps> I wasn't negotiating VOTES
[23:18:19] <gnilraps> I was asking for the ingame ENDORSEMENT
[23:18:22] <ValiantThor> Think about that for an hour, I'll be back
[23:18:25] <ValiantThor> bye
[23:18:44] <gnilraps> are you actually listening to me?
[23:18:53] Connection to server lost

[22:38:23] ValiantThor [] has joined #swordfishtrombones
[22:38:23] Channel topic is: This is Gnilraps' office. When your meeting is done, please exit. Thank you.
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[22:38:34] <&gnilraps> i've invited frost as well
[22:38:43] JFrost [] has joined #swordfishtrombones
[22:38:50] <&gnilraps> hi
[22:38:53] <JFrost> hi
[22:39:08] <&gnilraps> I've just finished telling VT that the only chance he has of saving any face at all is to work with us
[22:39:29] <JFrost> I'd agree
[22:39:44] <ValiantThor> hi
[22:39:58] <ValiantThor> Tyler must be present
[22:40:05] <&gnilraps> why not
[22:40:06] <JFrost> he's at work
[22:40:12] <&gnilraps> ok I guess not possible
[22:40:21] <ValiantThor> well
[22:40:23] <ValiantThor> ok
[22:40:40] <ValiantThor> so you finaly trust me gnil?
[22:40:40] <&gnilraps> so at this point ValiantThor you have a 6th party
[22:40:59] <&gnilraps> I am willing to trust you
[22:41:14] <&gnilraps> but i have reason not to trust you just as well
[22:41:14] <ValiantThor> Is Toto your agent?
[22:41:19] <&gnilraps> ?
[22:41:21] <&gnilraps> hell no
[22:41:29] <&gnilraps> I have no agents

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:43

[22:41:41] <&gnilraps> i am about as non-political as you will find
[22:42:02] <ValiantThor> When did Artela tell you about my meeting with her?
[22:42:03] <&gnilraps> so any conspiracy you imagine me being part of... I;m not
[22:42:28] <&gnilraps> The first I knew of anything was when I found you in her room on... what was it... saturday night
[22:42:36] <ValiantThor> ok
[22:42:45] <&gnilraps> so if there's been anything prior to that I was blind, deaf, and dumb
[22:42:52] <ValiantThor> ok
[22:43:14] <&gnilraps> ValiantThor: I invited you here to ask you to step down as PP
[22:43:20] <ValiantThor> lol
[22:43:29] <&gnilraps> I know it sounds funny to you
[22:43:35] <&gnilraps> but I want you to think it through
[22:43:44] <&gnilraps> it is the best choice you have left
[22:43:55] <&gnilraps> you have a 6th party
[22:44:09] <JFrost> If you do it, you can say publicly that is was part of the op and that you were trying to gain the Serbians trust.
[22:44:15] <ValiantThor> So if Toto is not your agent then the screenshots are genuine
[22:44:16] <&gnilraps> if you want ANY chance at being given a seat in congress, step down
[22:44:25] <&gnilraps> ofc the screenshots are genuine
[22:44:40] <&gnilraps> I asked Toto if he would endorse me for CP
[22:44:48] <&gnilraps> in exchange, I would engage in dialogue with them
[22:44:50] <&gnilraps> that is all
[22:44:59] <&gnilraps> I have NO IDEA what else you THINK was going on
[22:45:05] <ValiantThor> deepchill new it?
[22:45:11] <ValiantThor> Hill knew it?
[22:45:16] <&gnilraps> no
[22:45:19] <&gnilraps> talks never got that far
[22:45:21] <ValiantThor> Index knew it?
[22:45:25] <&gnilraps> nope
[22:45:30] <&gnilraps> talks never got past what you saw
[22:45:34] <JFrost> Basically gnilraps made a stupid decision and tried to get their endorsement
[22:45:38] <ValiantThor> JFrost send me a mssg ingame pls
[22:45:41] <JFrost> It wasn't a smart move

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:44

[22:45:54] <&gnilraps> you have, as far as I can remember, the entire thing in those screencaps
[22:46:05] <&gnilraps> your screencaps match my logs perfectly
[22:46:05] <ValiantThor> btw: this convo is being recorded on video
[22:46:08] <ValiantThor> 🙂
[22:46:11] <&gnilraps> fine with me
[22:46:36] <&gnilraps> I have zero shame about approaching Toto in the way I did and for the reasons I did
[22:46:45] <&gnilraps> they were looking for legitimization
[22:46:51] <&gnilraps> they had booted RGR
[22:46:59] <&gnilraps> I figured they deserved AT LEAST my ear
[22:47:22] <ValiantThor> when did you approach them and under who's authority?
[22:47:52] <&gnilraps> best way to guess that is to check his newspaper.
[22:47:54] <&gnilraps> brb
[22:48:14] <&gnilraps> what's his ingame name?
[22:48:15] <ValiantThor> it was before the cp run
[22:48:19] <&gnilraps> yes
[22:48:25] <&gnilraps> it was during campaign time
[22:48:30] <ValiantThor> so what were you then as exe
[22:48:41] <&gnilraps> and he published an article basically asking eUSA to take AFA seriously
[22:48:45] <ValiantThor> party of owls cabinet
[22:48:56] <&gnilraps> I don't think I was in owls cabinet
[22:48:58] <&gnilraps> at all
[22:49:03] <ValiantThor> I know this
[22:49:03] <&gnilraps> was I?
[22:49:21] <ValiantThor> but who authorized you to approach AFA, Toto that is
[22:49:29] <&gnilraps> NOBODY
[22:49:38] <JFrost> He did it on his own
[22:49:40] <&gnilraps> I was looking for endorsements for my CP run
[22:49:45] <JFrost> he wanted their endorsement
[22:49:47] <ValiantThor> Were you apart of Owls cabinet?
[22:49:54] <&gnilraps> every time a party would endorse me, I would copy/paste the endo ingame
[22:50:03] <&gnilraps> and use it to build momentum for my run
[22:50:09] <&gnilraps> frost can collaborate that
[22:50:17] <&gnilraps> because he trolled me about it a little bit
[22:50:19] <JFrost> That's true
[22:50:23] <&gnilraps> I was not in owls cabinet

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:46

[22:50:27] <ValiantThor> Gnil, pls tell me: were you in the cabinet
[22:50:30] <&gnilraps> no
[22:50:31] <&gnilraps> I was not
[22:50:35] <ValiantThor> were you in congress?
[22:50:53] <&gnilraps> I probably was a congressman last term
[22:50:54] <&gnilraps> yes
[22:51:00] <&gnilraps> or maybe not
[22:51:03] <ValiantThor> are you CIA
[22:51:04] <&gnilraps> no I missed by one
[22:51:15] <&gnilraps> I was the odd man out in the last USWP slate
[22:51:20] <&gnilraps> and I am not CIA
[22:51:25] <ValiantThor> ok
[22:51:40] <&gnilraps> AHA
[22:51:55] <&gnilraps> I was NSC coordinator during Wild Owl's first term
[22:52:05] <&gnilraps> but I stepped down and Deepchill replaced me
[22:52:11] <&gnilraps> so maybe that is what you are thinking
[22:52:22] <&gnilraps> I didn
[22:52:22] <ValiantThor> so you asked the ppl that didn't leave the eUS, but were heavily involved in the former (or not so former) PTO to endorse you
[22:52:32] <ValiantThor> is that correct?
[22:52:34] <&gnilraps> I didn't step down... I just didn't re-up for his second term
[22:52:49] <&gnilraps> I will say it again.
[22:52:54] <&gnilraps> Toto published an article
[22:53:07] <&gnilraps> in it, he said that the AFA had booted RGR
[22:53:12] <ValiantThor> did you at any time during your convo with Toto tell anyone
[22:53:19] <ValiantThor> Hill
[22:53:20] <&gnilraps> and there were a few remaining Serbs who wanted to try to make eUSA their home
[22:53:25] <ValiantThor> deepchill
[22:53:26] <ValiantThor> and
[22:53:33] <&gnilraps> NO NO NO NO NO
[22:53:34] <ValiantThor> who was the other?
[22:53:38] <&gnilraps> index
[22:53:39] <ValiantThor> the third
[22:53:40] <ValiantThor> ah
[22:53:45] <ValiantThor> IndexInfinity
[22:53:49] <&gnilraps> read your own screenshots ValiantThor
[22:53:53] <ValiantThor> ok
[22:53:58] <&gnilraps> I proposed them as my advisors
[22:54:04] <&gnilraps> for the next stage of conversations
[22:54:04] <ValiantThor> so did AFA deliver the votes?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:47

[22:54:07] <&gnilraps> which NEVER happen
[22:54:10] <&gnilraps> I do not believe so
[22:54:16] <&gnilraps> they did not give me the endorsement
[22:54:23] <&gnilraps> they endorsed dr. devil
[22:54:30] <&gnilraps> so I stopped talking to them
[22:54:33] <JFrost> afa had 83 votes that election
[22:54:35] <ValiantThor> were they shouting in their channels : vote for gnilraps?
[22:54:37] <JFrost> so they did not deliver
[22:54:46] <&gnilraps> I have no idea if they shouted that ValiantThor
[22:54:50] <&gnilraps> if they did, I didn't see it
[22:55:03] <&gnilraps> I am not in their channels
[22:55:07] <ValiantThor> we need Artela to be here
[22:55:16] <&gnilraps> but I didn't see any shouts ingame for me either
[22:55:51] <ValiantThor> so
[22:55:53] <&gnilraps> ValiantThor: what are you getting at?
[22:56:02] <&gnilraps> you are asking all these questions
[22:56:04] Artela|Ping [~artela@F59A8151.153FC1B6.C260743C.IP] has joined #swordfishtrombones
[22:56:05] <&gnilraps> where are they leading?
[22:56:06] <ValiantThor> yes
[22:56:10] <&gnilraps> you asked for artela
[22:56:11] <&gnilraps> here she is
[22:56:13] <ValiantThor> just a sec
[22:56:15] <Artela|Ping> what?
[22:56:17] <ValiantThor> sorry
[22:56:20] <ValiantThor> 1 minute
[22:56:28] <ValiantThor> hi Artela
[22:57:05] <ValiantThor> Does the CIA have a mole in AFA?
[22:57:20] <Artela|Ping> even if they did do you think I'd teell you?
[22:57:32] <&gnilraps> I would have no idea
[22:57:36] <JFrost> ValiantThor thinks Toto is a mole
[22:57:43] <JFrost> and he set him up
[22:57:59] <Artela|Ping> lolno
[22:58:03] <&gnilraps> ValiantThor: my best guess is that toto is pissed at me and tried using you to get back at me
[22:58:09] <&gnilraps> toto probably thinks I USED him
[22:58:14] <&gnilraps> but that is only my guess
[22:58:47] <ValiantThor> well if the AFA delivered you their votes, then you have used him
[22:58:54] <&gnilraps> indeed
[22:59:01] <&gnilraps> well, not exactly
[22:59:06] <JFrost> which they didnt

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:47

[22:59:10] <ValiantThor> can't be both ways
[22:59:11] <&gnilraps> I had every intention of continuing to talk with them
[22:59:18] <&gnilraps> involving my advisors
[22:59:19] <&gnilraps> and his
[22:59:23] <ValiantThor> you trust them
[22:59:26] <&gnilraps> but that never materialized
[22:59:36] <JFrost> certainly not now
[22:59:37] <&gnilraps> I will TALK with anyone
[22:59:54] <Artela|Ping> we have done this successfully in the past with other groups, like iNCi
[22:59:56] <Artela|Ping> brb
[22:59:58] <ValiantThor> why didn't you later when potus continue the talk?
[23:00:22] <&gnilraps> because they didn't deliver on the terms of our conversations
[23:00:28] <&gnilraps> they breached those terms
[23:00:38] <ValiantThor> exactly
[23:00:46] <ValiantThor> what term?
[23:01:07] <ValiantThor> and who's we in "ours"
[23:01:17] <&gnilraps> well, I didn't know it at the time, but they screenshotted that conversation 1 minute after I said that my first request was no screenshots
[23:01:25] <JFrost> his and Toto's = ours
[23:01:27] <&gnilraps> but I also asked them for the ingame endorsement which they didn't give
[23:01:36] <ValiantThor> or was it still only you, nobody knowing it?
[23:01:41] <&gnilraps> by "ours" I mean mine and his
[23:01:54] <ValiantThor> so all the time nobody ways involved
[23:01:57] <ValiantThor> why?
[23:01:58] <&gnilraps> nobody else had access to my account ValiantThor
[23:02:06] <&gnilraps> however
[23:02:10] <ValiantThor> wait!
[23:02:19] <&gnilraps> I did tell the Federalist party that I had been talking with AFA
[23:02:28] <ValiantThor> did you tell Artela
[23:02:28] <&gnilraps> in an interview they conducted with all of the candidates
[23:02:53] <&gnilraps> I told all of america in that interview that I had been in dialogue with AFA
[23:02:53] <ValiantThor> or to rephrase: when did she find out
[23:03:03] <&gnilraps> find out what?
[23:03:18] <ValiantThor> that you have been Talking to Toto from the AFA

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:49

[23:03:24] <ValiantThor> about endorsment
[23:03:47] <&gnilraps> she probably found out from your leaked logs
[23:03:54] <&gnilraps> ValiantThor: look at this
[23:04:04] <&gnilraps> and find my answers to the interview
[23:04:06] <ValiantThor> i have read all that
[23:04:09] <&gnilraps> ok
[23:04:10] <&gnilraps> well
[23:04:11] <ValiantThor> dont spam links
[23:04:16] <&gnilraps> yassir
[23:04:18] <JFrost> I have a question
[23:04:27] <JFrost> Are you turning over the party or not?
[23:04:29] <ValiantThor> shoot Josh
[23:04:35] <ValiantThor> to whome
[23:04:40] <&gnilraps> yes
[23:04:44] <&gnilraps> turn over the party
[23:04:50] <ValiantThor> to whome?
[23:04:58] <JFrost> To gnilraps or somebody else
[23:04:58] <&gnilraps> just resign
[23:05:07] <ValiantThor> when?
[23:05:11] <JFrost> now
[23:05:31] <JFrost> Then this discussion is over
[23:05:44] <JFrost> You've been pushed out of the Top 5
[23:05:48] <&gnilraps> ^
[23:05:59] <&gnilraps> ValiantThor: right now you have literally nothing left
[23:06:00] <ValiantThor> So
[23:06:08] <JFrost> and will be below 200 people in a couple hours
[23:06:08] <&gnilraps> handing over the party gives you a chance to salvage something
[23:06:15] <JFrost> on the 15th we will take it back
[23:06:15] <&gnilraps> you can say it was part of the plan all along
[23:06:36] <&gnilraps> you can say it was a way of breaking up AFA even further
[23:06:39] <JFrost> We're done here then
[23:06:45] <&gnilraps> I think so
[23:07:03] <ValiantThor> do you know game mechanics?
[23:07:22] <&gnilraps> aha he can't leave the party because he's a congress candidate

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:50

[23:07:43] <JFrost> then leave after congressional elections
[23:07:43] <ValiantThor> Let's work on another plan
[23:07:51] <ValiantThor> why
[23:08:01] <&gnilraps> yes this should be good. what plan is that?
[23:08:04] <Artela|Ping> ok, sorry, I'm back
[23:08:11] <ValiantThor> why should I leave?
[23:08:15] <JFrost> because you ran a slate of Serbian candidates
[23:08:23] <ValiantThor> I don't want you here Artela
[23:08:26] <ValiantThor> pls leave
[23:08:35] <&gnilraps> because you literally destroyed a party that many good people worked to build
[23:08:49] <ValiantThor> how did I do that
[23:08:58] <&gnilraps> yesterday it was T5
[23:09:02] <&gnilraps> today it is not
[23:09:06] <ValiantThor> Artela pls leave the room
[23:09:17] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:17] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:17] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:18] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:18] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:18] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:18] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:18] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:19] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:19] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:19] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:19] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:20] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:20] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:20] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:20] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:20] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:21] <ValiantThor> .
[23:09:22] <&gnilraps> that kind of disaster can only happen with help
[23:09:31] <&gnilraps> .k Artela|Ping
[23:09:31] Artela|Ping [~artela@F59A8151.153FC1B6.C260743C.IP] has been kicked from #swordfishtrombones by BettyBoop []: Requested
[23:09:32] <&gnilraps> there
[23:09:35] <ValiantThor> .ok
[23:09:42] <ValiantThor> so
[23:09:47] <ValiantThor> T5 or not T5
[23:09:55] <ValiantThor> see
[23:10:29] <ValiantThor> doesn't make a difference
[23:10:37] <ValiantThor> to me
[23:10:44] <&gnilraps> ok then you are on your own.
[23:10:48] <ValiantThor> at the moment
[23:10:58] <&gnilraps> I wanted to offer you a chance at redemption
[23:11:02] <ValiantThor> I love WTP
[23:11:03] <&gnilraps> but you are turning it down

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 21:52

[23:11:10] <ValiantThor> I worked so hard for WTP
[23:11:16] <&gnilraps> You've destroyed it ValiantThor
[23:11:22] <&gnilraps> I feel bad for you, but you've destroyed it.
[23:11:25] <ValiantThor> oh did I
[23:11:32] <ValiantThor> how exactly
[23:12:12] <&gnilraps> ask me that question in a week or two
[23:12:21] <&gnilraps> and you won't need me to answer it
[23:12:31] <ValiantThor> gnilraps, you're a schmuck that is Potus and doesnt even know game-mechanics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:12:44] <&gnilraps> okeedoke.
[23:12:46] <&gnilraps> I'm done.
[23:12:51] <ValiantThor> bye
[23:12:52] <&gnilraps> anything else you need to say?
[23:12:55] <JFrost> Excellent. Se you on the 15th.
[23:12:57] <ValiantThor> nope
[23:13:05] <JFrost> See*
[23:13:38] <&gnilraps> sad ValiantThor because you are good at media, good at graphics, and you were playing a fun game
[23:13:43] <&gnilraps> now you're done.
[23:14:07] <&gnilraps> better at this point for you to go play facebook games
[23:14:36] <&gnilraps> why did you not want artela in here?
[23:14:45] <&gnilraps> you don't want her to know you love WTP?
[23:16:50] <&gnilraps> .k ValiantThor
[23:16:51] You have been kicked from #swordfishtrombones by BettyBoop []: Requested

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,421, 12:16

Never fought in those, the screen never loads...

Besides that How much energy is used in a Guerrilla fight? T'was a subject you did not cover.

Gnilraps Day 2,421, 12:18

It depends on how much damage you take. You can lose up to 100 energy. You can also lose zero.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,421, 12:36

So, If I do like 850k damge on 100 hp, if I do this in a Guerilla fight I would do, now this is straight up, 1,275k? More on a booster?

Cthulhu.. Day 2,421, 15:28

Yes, boosters count toward guerrilla damage.

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,421, 12:23

Its too hectic and boring

Gnilraps Day 2,421, 12:31

I see it as a change of pace.

Also, you cannot argue with the damage boost.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,421, 17:01

Hey pal, how are you doing? Still wasting your precious time here in eRep?

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,421, 12:32

Guerilla fights, as far as I know, don't cost XP, so they're worth it.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,421, 13:05

are you sure?

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,421, 13:07

Just verified it. Yeah, I'm sure.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,421, 13:09

something new to recommend for ebabies. cool 🙂

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,421, 13:44

Which is why I won`t use it.

what4 Day 2,421, 17:55

How about rank points?

Sharky Malarkey
Sharky Malarkey Day 2,422, 08:23

Sweet, thanks for the tidbit.

CptChazbeard. Day 2,421, 12:34

Comment deleted

Ivan je Car 2
Ivan je Car 2 Day 2,421, 12:35

approved by Ivan

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,421, 16:29

Needs moar greeling LOL

Ivan je Car 2
Ivan je Car 2 Day 2,422, 00:05


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,422, 02:10

Moraš se malo dublje uvući u te Američke chmarove, još ti vire noge ha ha ha

Deepchill Day 2,421, 12:37

Time for me to try it, plenty of time on my hands this week.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,421, 16:24

I see they still didn't find a cure for stupidity in the eUSA LMFAO

Deepchill Day 2,421, 16:51


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,421, 16:58

Read at least 20 times and then go figure HUE HUE HUE

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,421, 12:42

guerilla is retarded.

but this strategy ain't.

i'll finally get to use the tons of "new guerilla equipment" I got in the free spin thingie.

don hrleone
don hrleone Day 2,421, 12:47

~voted for Emerika.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,421, 18:35

Čemerika ha ha ha ha

Iamnameless Day 2,421, 12:49

Not a fan of guerrilla fighting normally, but for a week (and rewards), can do.

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,421, 13:03

the guerrilla fights is the disgrace of anyone that created it- it
it is not fair- in fact it is lottery, and that should not happen!!~

I have played over 1k matches, and so often has it happen that from the same distance i would shoot blank while my opponent kept blasting even critical damage- and of course i contacted admins with the problems thoroughly described, but all they did with these reports is sending them for ANALyses.

however, i encourage anyone to play it- little energy spent and lots of damage!! but, it is a retarded game!!~

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,421, 13:05

A retarded game in eREp? NO WAY!!

Valicious Day 2,421, 13:31

I also recommend that you review the basics of success in Guerrilla fighting as found in the DoE article written by EZC Guerrilla expert Code-Y.

Link to said article? I cant seem to find it.

Valicious Day 2,422, 04:52

thx 🙂

Gnilraps Day 2,421, 18:01

odd I thought I had linked it. fixing that now.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,421, 14:34

But...You *could* use bazookas for the 5 kills required to enter the Guerrilla Fight.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,421, 14:39

they just wouldn't count, so it is in some way better to use q7s. of course, if you are low div, use bazookas and guerilla and get minimal amount of xp while getting maximal amount of dmg (although I wouldn't really suggest fighting too much in lower divs).

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 2,421, 14:42

Exactly right. Not optimum but better than nothing for lower Divisions with limited resources and avoiding too much xp gain.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,421, 16:28

Blimey Gnil, judging by the amount of analysis and probably time you put into this shite of game, it looks like you still have no life, pal. Keep on keeping on!

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