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Herzlich willkommen in eDeutschland

Day 1,822, 05:14 Published in Germany Ukraine by Mister Kirk

Hi everyone!
Hello eGermark!

My name is Mister Kirk , I am from eUkraine!
Sorry for my English , i ll try to improve my german skills and I'll write in German soon!
Realy glad to become a citizen of eGermany!
Thanks for those people who gave me a chance to join u'r country!

From this day i will be fighting for eGermark as for my motherland - eUkraine!
Also i wanna make some little articles about eUkraine ,eBelarus and eRussia!
Their political situation and some their news analytics!

So if u are interested in that u can sub my newspaper, it will be interesting i promise!
Also u can add me , i ll be very happy !

Girls of article :

Thanks !


Lord o S
Lord o S Day 1,822, 05:21

добро пожаловать

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,822, 05:27

welcome in our little community

Badass Dave
Badass Dave Day 1,822, 06:43

welcome 🙂

NorthAfricaCorps Day 1,822, 07:41

more pics pls

Mister Kirk
Mister Kirk Day 1,822, 07:44

NorthAfricaCorps,with girls?)

sternie1202 Day 1,822, 07:52

welcome in our little community and more pics pls with girls!

RoteBaron Day 1,822, 07:59

more pics pls x2

Orizia Day 1,822, 08:21

welcome votiert and subbed 😉

onrop Day 1,822, 09:08


Leopold von Bismarck
Leopold von Bismarck Day 1,822, 09:40


SabatonBIH Day 1,822, 10:19

Comment deleted

General Bentz
General Bentz Day 1,822, 10:19

As said before: Welcome!

Unkel Scheuren
Unkel Scheuren Day 1,822, 10:34

Welcome :🙂

Influsione Day 1,822, 10:42

Welcome 😃

Tiuri Day 1,822, 14:21


FdmScorp Day 1,822, 17:33

Need votes or subs or FB likes ? order them here:

100 % legal

Hunnensohn Day 1,823, 23:57

добро пожаловать

der observator
der observator Day 1,823, 10:11

The Girls wear too much. Definitely.

DerEZE Day 1,823, 14:27

добро пожаловать

tsakali Day 1,823, 14:51

v107 s49 sub back to mine:

Carl_Karlsson Day 1,823, 17:50

eUkraine is also a dictatorship?

Mister Kirk
Mister Kirk Day 1,824, 00:20

eUkraine is also a dictatorship? no, but elecions there are not truthfull 🙁
everyone using bots to win!

Carl_Karlsson Day 1,824, 11:17

oh, ok 🙂

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