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This game can seem overwhelming or underwhelming at first. There’s a lot more to eRepublik than what meet’s the eye. It’s fascinating how complicated we can make such a simple game. New players are thrown into eRepublik with very little knowledge of the workings of the new world. There is a tutorial that I encourage you to read if you’re on your first or second day, but there is very little else. I will try to cover a whole range of issues—both basic and a little more complicated—to help new players. So if you’re a newer player, you’ll probably know some of this stuff but I encourage to skim over the sections and read those sections that apply to you. This is second edition of this guide that I have further refined and augmented to try to help new players.

Welcome to eRepublik
eRepublik is an online game where you can follow your political, economic or military aspirations and change the course of history. In order to unlock features within eRepublik, you will need a certain number of experience points. That’s to say, in order to fight, vote, or join a party, you will need to gain experience points. Everyday you eat, work, train, and/or fight, you will gain experience points. An easy way to gain some experience points is to upload an avatar. Additionally, once you get your first job, you will gain experience points.

Your First Day?
If you’re a player on your first day, a very direct tutorial of what to do can be found here. The next couple sections repeat much of the same information but also contain some additional information.

Apply for a Job
Under the Market Tab, select the Human Resources link and search for a company that hires skill levels 0-0.99. Browse these companies and choose one that best suits you. However, remember to Consider The Costs. Additionally, when you join a job, you have to stay there for at least 72 hours before you can resign. With each day of work, you will earn money and increase your skill. With higher skill comes higher-paying jobs because higher skill is paid more. Every once in a while, you should check back in Human Resources to see what people with your skill level are earning.

Under the My Places Tab, select the Company link. Once you have a job, you can work to earn money and build up your skill. Always try to work before you train for the military. You will lose one wellness point for working. If you work 30 days in a row, you can earn 5 gold, which is a great impetus to work 30 days straight.

Under the My Places Tab, select the Army link. Click the Join Army link and train daily, so you can build up your military skill. To achieve a higher score when you fight, you should train daily. You will lose one wellness point for training. You will be able to fight once you earn 25 experience points.

Buy Food
Just like in real life, your citizen in eRepublik must eat daily in order to survive. Everyday, one piece of food (the highest quality one) will be removed from your inventory and 'eaten.' Thus, in order to eat, you must have food in your inventory. If you run out of food, you can buy more food from the marketplace. Buy the best quality food you can afford. The quality of food increases your wellness roughly by the quality number.

New players are born into this world with 50 wellness. Yet, as the graphic shows, this is half a person. At 50 wellness, a new player is making half the contribution that they can otherwise. Half wellness immediately reduces the ability to produce in a factory or in war once they can fight. With the recent military events, we have seen the efficient means of increasing wellness. In order to increase your wellness as new player (once you reach 25 experience points), move to Florida or New Jersey and fight in a resistance once, click on the hospital and then the heal button (more details in the fighting section below). You’ll gain 50 wellness points instantly. High wellness means you produce more and can earn more money. Additionally, it is a matter of national preparedness that our soldiers maintain high wellness. The same can be applied to the economic interests of the nation.

Reading the News
The top ranked stories in the country come up on your homepage. You can also sort by the latest news. I would encourage you to click the more news link and read through the various articles. In order to be better informed about what is going on in the game, read newspapers on a daily basis. The president, local businessmen, and politicians will provide information through this public medium. Most information is readily available if you search for it. If you find an article you like you can vote it up. If you find a newspaper that you like or feel is providing important information, you can subscribe.

Commenting on the News
Commenting on top newspapers and top articles can get your point of view out there even if you don’t own a paper yet. The top newspapers can be found here. I personally recommend The Lonely Man’s Journal, The Fieldist, The eNation, The Word-Now, and The Musicman. Often these newspapers publish quality articles that cover a wide-range of topics concerning the United States.

Get Involved
Introduce yourself, then involve yourself. It's the fastest way for people to get to know you, and for you to make friends. Don’t be afraid to communicate with high ranking officials in the government or the party. When you become active in the game, you can learn from older members. Additionally, activity can make the game more interesting for you.

Currently, there are war games are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This a means to gain wellness, increase your military rank, and gain experience points. You must be above 40 wellness to fight. For every fight, you will gain 2 experience points. Mark sure that you fight for the defender during the war games. You will lose 10 wellness per fight. If you are barely above 40 wellness, fight just once and heal. You can only use the Hospital one time per day. Once you have high wellness, you can fight five times during the day. Never allow your wellness to drop below 45 or 50 when fighting. Don’t worry about fighting with weapons to start.

Joining the military is a quick means to advance in this game. Marines are among our nation’s best fighters and they can be what you aspire to be. It will take lots of training to become a Marine so as a new player, you will start in the National Guard if you apply to join the military. I encourage all of you to join the NG. From there, you will be able to move up the ranks. For example, many of today’s important players started in the military and gained experience. Enlistment links follow in the helpful links section.

As a new player, you’re jumping midway into a narrative of an alternative history of the United States. This history is taking place as we go but has also featured significant events. It is important to appreciate the events and individuals that preceded us. For example, the United States and Canada fought in the first interstate war in eRepublik history. Some of this has been recorded in the eRepublik wiki, which I strongly recommend you read. Just like real life, we are a part of something greater when we talk about ourselves as Americans.

Real Life Beliefs
Speaking of real life, leave your real life beliefs at the door when you join this game. The game mechanics limit the amount ideology can alter our nation. Additionally, your situation in real life will probably not reflect your situation in the game. Unless you’re willing to pour lots of money in right away, you’ll start off relatively poor and have to become a self-made person. Politics in America has suffered greatly because many have failed to appreciate this concept. As a new player, don’t let that be the case.

Joining a party is pretty much essential if you want to have political success in this game. The parties attempt to distinguish themselves through various platforms that can often found on their own party forums. Check out all the different parties and pick the right party for you. Most likely, there will be like-minded individuals there that you can bond with. Activity will often determine your success in politics. If you take the bull by the horns, there’s a decent chance that you will do well.

Gold helps to purchase newspapers, organizations, and companies. Additionally, it can be converted into currencies to help pay for expenses and often houses. NEVER, EVER buy wellness packs with gold as a new player. They are a rip-off.

There are a couple ways to earn gold. Once you reach level 6, you will receive 5 gold. If you work 30 straight days, you’ll earn 5 gold. At every interval of 5 strength, you will receive 5 gold. There are additional ways but by that point, you will be an experienced player.

There are a couple things you can do with that gold. You can purchase a house (5 gold can normally purchase a Q1 house). Or you can try to save that money for a better house. Houses are expensive, but they help you maintain wellness. You can acquire a newspaper for 2 gold. It gives you a voice and can help you meet people. Or perhaps the best option is to purchase an organization.

Monetary Market
This is the place where you can exchange currencies. You can buy or sell currencies. As a new player, you probably should just buy currencies unless you have experience in trading. For most of you, you’re simply concerned with exchanging gold for USD and vice versa. When you have gold or dollars and want the other, you can go to the monetary market and buy the currency you want. The best offer will be at the top of page. If you become an experienced player, you can trade on margins and profit in the monetary markets across the world.

Buying a House
This will be the first major investment you’ll probably make as a new player. Houses help to maintain wellness and can reduce the quality of food that you need to buy. Thus, a house may end up saving you money long term.

Owning a Newspaper
Newspapers cost 2 gold to found. When you write articles, try to use proper grammar and spelling. Spend some time writing and don’t pass around a two sentence thought. Develop your arguments and thoughts. Read articles and subscribe to the relevant ones. Don’t write more than one or two articles per day because you’ll probably bump other people’s well-intentioned articles.

Owning an Organization
Organizations cost 5 gold to found. An organization is separate entity from your citizen and doesn’t have any additional costs to maintain after purchase. Organizations can own companies and they provide additional storage if you ever have extra food, gifts, moving tickets, or guns. You can gift yourself from your organization if you need a wellness boost. Additionally, they are the first step towards owning your own company.

Owning a Company
Every worker dreams of owning a company. Companies cost 20 gold to found. I would recommend that you have an organization own your company. That’s an additional 5 gold. Plus, you’ll need initial capital to pay for salaries and such. That’s at least another 5 gold. If you want your company to succeed, you’ll probably need about 30 gold to start successfully. So consider that when you’re ready to start your own business. Additionally, I would strongly recommend that you avoid iron and diamonds because the US doesn’t have high productivity in these industries.

Keep At It
If you want to be successful, have fun, and know this world, just keep at it. A lot of little intricacies will become apparent just from the experience of being here. You’ll learn a lot of stuff if you’re here and there’s always something you won’t know. Have fun and remember it’s a game!

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In conclusion, I hope that I’ve helped the new players some. The best advice I can give to you as you start is to ask questions when you don’t know or are unsure. I’m willing to help and other experienced players are often willing to help, too. I also recommend that you contact other new players because they can appreciate the situation you’re in and will probably have the same concerns. I encourage you to vote this up and pass this information along if you find it helpful.