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Hello To my New ECountry

Day 1,876, 22:09 Published in Australia South Africa by Had3z

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for accepting me in your country I do wish to make my elife in eAustralia a successful one!

A bit bout myself.

I started playing eRepublik in November 2009 and Started of in eGermany. A few months later I moved to eSA and have been a member of the community for almost 3 years.

Some of my achievements in eSA

- Member Marines eUSA
- Advisor for the President
- Member, Red Army
- Member, Assegai
- 2 X Southern Cross Delegate
- Presidential Intern with Grimstone
- 3 X Independent Alternative Party President
- Member, Assegai Prospect
- 12 X Congress
- Deputy Minister of Defense
- Minister of Defense
- Intel Agent
- Country President eSA X 1

I wish to help eAUS where ever I can so please let me know where I can help 😛



Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,876, 22:13


roboz Day 1,876, 22:34

Good to have you on board Had3z. Welcome

ronnyJnrJnr Day 1,876, 22:38


Callumh123 Day 1,876, 22:41

O/ had3z

lancer450 Day 1,876, 22:41

Voted. : )

BOUD1CCA Day 1,876, 22:45

Hi Had3z, welcome to Australia.
It is always heartening to see active & experienced players

LiquidIce Day 1,877, 23:29

Had3z is a great asset to any country!! It was sad to see him leave here... Good luck on your endeavours!

PS: Like your Newspaper banner!!

Had3z Day 1,877, 23:34

Thank you everyone!

P.S Thanks for creating it for me LiquidIce 😃

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,877, 23:52


Rexdeus Day 1,877, 00:11

Gr8 player, will be asset to eAus!

Greg MaCGregor
Greg MaCGregor Day 1,877, 00:29

o/ Had3z

Binda33 Day 1,877, 02:12


Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 1,877, 02:24

Welcome on board...

Robdog31 Day 1,877, 02:46

Welcome to eAustralia Had3z! o/

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,877, 04:20

Welcome! 😃

Arfman Day 1,877, 04:26

Welcome aboard.

sike woods
sike woods Day 1,877, 05:19

hey buddy

Kelly The Great
Kelly The Great Day 1,877, 18:29


Kami Carmine
Kami Carmine Day 1,878, 23:16

Welcome to Aus Had3z! Long time no chat.

Had3z Day 1,878, 23:40

Thanks Everyone

@CyberCasper Yes in deed it has been awhile

Wacky368 Day 1,878, 23:54

Good luck Had3z, eSA will surely miss you


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