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Hello eIran! I´m welcome!

Day 1,852, 07:47 Published in Iran France by ReMiiX

Hello eIran! How are you? I will introduce myself!

You can call me ReMiiX, Ponca, Pocahontas or Laura, I come from eCyprus, but I left for a lot of differents reasons. You can check them here.

I was getting bored, so I started to think about changing my citizenship 🙂 I don´t like big eCountries, I just like small eCountries, with not resources, with not much players. I did a list with 5 countries to go 🙂

1. eIran (Reason: A lot of friends and good players for have fun)
2. eGermany (Reason: I´m learning german in real life, so it was a good idea)
3. eSweeden (Reason: I love blonde boys in real life 😛)
4. eJapan (Reason: I have a lot of friends there, so nice society)
5. eColombia (Reason: My eLove AlexMCS182 is there)

I will explain in few lines my eLife:

I born in eSpain. I went to eSerbia for bonus. Then I changed to EDEN alliance and I went to eUkraine, there, I was congresswoman for first time in my eLife. Then I travelled around the eWorld (France, Portugal, Croatia, Colombia, Ukraine again and South Korea(My country in real life)). Finally I stopped in eCyprus.

eCyprus was nice, not much players, around 300 active players, much allies for have war and easy for participate in politic. I had been there 3 months, and I won 3 congress medal, and I had been 3 times Minister of Education 🙂

But 3 days ago, we had a problem, because one of our congressman was scammer, and I decided to pay to scammed people all, you can check in my last article all the story.

Thats the reasons for be here with you!

I want help as I can, I want participate in politic, I know I will do really good, I have experience.

My level isn´t really high, I haven´t much strenght, but everybody knows that I have a big eHeart and I always help!

You can write me PMs in english, spanish or portuguese, because I received a lot of PMs from players from Iran and I don´t understood anything 🙂 I need a translator

If you need something just ask and I will do whatever I can! 🙂

Thank you for give me this oportunity.

They acepted me so fast... in 2 minutes!! hahaaha

LOVE YOU!! 😘**

Hail eIran



Santiago Tomasi
Santiago Tomasi Day 1,852, 07:56


Iamnameless Day 1,852, 07:58

Voted, good luck in eIran.

elMengu Day 1,852, 08:05

Cierro podio.

O.M.I.D.TM Day 1,852, 08:05


JohnnyDragonGr Day 1,852, 08:11

3. eSweeden (Reason: I love blonde boys in real life ) thats a good reason! hahaha

george kanetounis
george kanetounis Day 1,852, 08:18

vote!!!!!!! good luck in your new eCountry

HAMlDREZA Day 1,852, 08:18

3. eSweeden (Reason: I love blonde boys in real life )

ha ha ha... what an interesting reason : D you can't find lots of them in eIran : P

I'm not in eIran but I say you, welcome : P


Albus Day 1,852, 08:20

Welcome Dear

گرچه نفهمیدم داری تعریف میکنی یا فحش میدی :دی

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Day 1,852, 08:21

Welcome to Country of Hashari People !


The.Lord.Iran Day 1,852, 08:23

welcome to iran
if you need to translate any sentance pm me that ang get it in english
good luck

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,852, 08:25

Welcome to Iran : D

arash irani 5
arash irani 5 Day 1,852, 08:25

welcome to eIRan

magas khan
magas khan Day 1,852, 08:28

" I just like small eCountries, with not resources, with not much players"

is iran really like this?! 🙁

kthniatros Day 1,852, 08:30

seems that eCyprus is not included in your top5...

Lord.jax Day 1,852, 08:32


shoorbad Day 1,852, 08:34

welcome to eiran
i hope you have good times and good new friends in iran

k.a.r.o.b.i Day 1,852, 08:35


Hinrich Boll
Hinrich Boll Day 1,852, 08:37


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Day 1,852, 08:37

welcome to Iran
u will find a lot of hot & awesome boys here

El Senso
El Senso Day 1,852, 08:39

Welcome ReMiiX o/
and remember send my pastry everyday : D

PeyRock Day 1,852, 08:40

I am blonde in real life


Kk1boRg... Day 1,852, 08:40


sarzaminejavid1010 Day 1,852, 08:42

welcome to iran

Java Lava
Java Lava Day 1,852, 08:42

Welcome and good luck 🙂

LadyMonica Day 1,852, 08:44

Welcome to Iran


Esfandiyar Day 1,852, 08:47

Wlcome to eIran. I hope you feel home here and have a lot of fun.

megahack Day 1,852, 08:57

hope you have a good time in eIran :‌D
our forum is

anyway the was surprising for me :‌P wonder what's ur thought about it?

ir.rasha Day 1,852, 09:00

indeed you can find some great boy here but we are not blonde 😃 😛
i hope you have good time here

ariyumand Day 1,852, 09:01


omid216959 Day 1,852, 09:12

Welcome To Iran .
Good luck

AMIRKABIR72 Day 1,852, 09:17


RinOIr Day 1,852, 09:20

I can be blonde!

Vulpoaica Day 1,852, 09:31

Have fun in eIran , Laura 🙂

LANCCER Day 1,852, 09:32

wlc - v & s

HannyaTR Day 1,852, 09:46

im blonde bebegim.
blonde with kahvebrown gözlü.
yirim ben seni.

lord plot
lord plot Day 1,852, 10:12

bacheha khodetono control konid 😉)

ePGASUS Day 1,852, 10:17


Iraninho Day 1,852, 10:24

After over year in eIran I must to say You - create some multies, cause in eIran it's a habit to have at least 2,3 or more accounts.
Hmm Korea the other end of world...

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,852, 10:53


Persia Guard
Persia Guard Day 1,852, 10:57

Herzlich wilkommen mein Freund 🙂

Seit vielen Jahren lerne ich auch Deutsch. 😘

habib khadem
habib khadem Day 1,852, 11:00

welcome to eIRAN

Ali.Tondar Day 1,852, 11:14

Welcome to eIran Honey 🙂

I hope you have a very good and funny times here in eIran

freedom soldiers
freedom soldiers Day 1,852, 11:20

Welcome to eIran new citizen! 😃

which one we should call you ReMiiX, Ponca, Pocahontas or Laura?!

ir.rasha Day 1,852, 11:27

it's not that bad

King Arthas
King Arthas Day 1,852, 11:33

Welcom !

HAMlDREZA Day 1,852, 11:34

@Iraninho: How many accounts do you have? You had been in eIran for many weeks or more... so you have to be a multy account if you are true!!!

SkyfaII Day 1,852, 11:37

Welcome to e-iran

بزار دو ماه بمونه بعد میبینیم چه طوری میذاره در میره این خط اینم نشون

little baby
little baby Day 1,852, 11:52

welcome to Iran

Hossein M
Hossein M Day 1,852, 12:22

welcome here.
u will enjoy that ; )

tisfon Day 1,852, 12:47

v and s
welcome to eiran and have a good time in ther

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