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Day 2,256, 16:15 Published in Poland Argentina by varnenas
Hey, most of you don't really know me, I won't going to write much, because this arcticle either will get deleted, Or I'll get banned before it's going to deleted.
I Shouted this few days ago, because I'm sick and tired of admins showing such a bad Quality service towards players ( Customers )
They should learn more about being Admins and our rights.
I thought we are allowed to know information with assigns our Accounts, its like you going to GP to get your Health Checked and they don't tell you the answer..
Well I've posted this Prnt Scrn:

with shows that I'm trying to find missing gold from Organization,
I'm not asking where and when did Organizations money were missing
I'm just saying that I want to get logs from transactions not the acctual Org's but my Accounts ( I think My account and I have right to know everything about it.)

I think we lot should start new revolution, and players should sit there with their mouths shut.
You have a Voice, you talk, however admins has new Hobby called: Let's see how crazy our money are and how much they can achieve FP points in one DAY!
It's your chance to change something in this game for SURE
I'm intrested does PLATON-BATON knows what's going on here with
Customer Service and ECT
Like it says: Who Creates Anti-Virus those Creates and Virus
So I think: Who gives you right to buy gold, those has right to take it away from you.

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Post below if you publish more articles!

If this article is banned, I will cry then publish it again with even more links! Take that admins...

VOTE + SHOUT Thank you People, Lets fight for FREEDOM, Lets Fight for better inviroment
Join us, Lets be those guys who changed the Future for good, for new players with would stay in this game.


Niemand Day 2,256, 16:27

You are right!

Orao007 Day 2,256, 16:29


varnenas Day 2,256, 16:39

Well, I'm not asking to post something, I'm just saying that its our turn to make improvements in this game!
We're not harrasing or anything simular admins by our Newspappers, we're only saying truth, and showing facts, and everyone will acccept the fact that this game customer service should buy bible instead of new xBox or computer

mick cain
mick cain Day 2,256, 16:43

The only way to improve the game is to make Plato listen.
Article after article has been deleted.Posts on the forum.....deleted.
Plato and his gang are burying their heads in the sand.
We have to did their heads out

varnenas Day 2,256, 16:46

Well mick I don't really think is Plato looking serious what player thinks about Economy, Support ect..
Esspecialy I don't think does he reads tickets either.
So I think it is a good way to shut gov down by chain shouting posts with facts, more and more people will join your Deady army, and make it Deadliest.
I think Justice should be exsisting in this game atleast with logs or refuds.

Phantom MKD
Phantom MKD Day 2,256, 16:32

Macedonia lost one of the greathest players becouse he was against admins....

You could try asking the Lithuanian CP to send a ticket.
The admins usually respond to requests made by CPs.

Good luck!

varnenas Day 2,257, 05:19

They can tell from ORG but, problem is Admins won't tell me where money from account was transfered as they sayd orgs money were into my account

VaeV Day 2,257, 00:20


Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Day 2,257, 01:36


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