Heaven Is A Place on Erepublik - Love Is (In The Air) A Battlefield

Day 3,739, 19:53 Published in Norway Norway by hans erik
Happy Valentines day!

People have been so nice today; Sharing their Strength, Writing nice things and Even letting people steal their SH and BH!

A lot of people made sure to do as much damage as they could without Stealing, How respectful of them. I don't understand why people would suddenly be so nice. 😮 😛

This even happened to me:

So nice of him. 😉
It was pretty amazing we had the exact same damage so i wanted to see what would happen, as it showed me in the SH picture, but him on top of the list.
(I am a respectful man, i did offer him some cc should he get the SH)
I did actually end up getting the SH, and he Second place:

It must have been LOVE in the Air!

And of course all the LOVE Spread around the Worl😛

Picture from clopos stream as i am not Clopo, but you can see me in there.
People from all around the eWorld fighting together in Love. Beautiful with all the hearts and different flags. And Of course Clopoyaur and the Clopo Crew always spreads LOVE around Erepublik, and the World.

Maybe Heaven is a place on Erepublik 😛

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth

So Thank you everyone, And Thank You Erepublik for spreading the LOVE and making a cool event.

LOVE is a very powerful thing.

Hans Erik